Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hex signs painted the old way

Primed and ready!
 My neighbor, a house painter by trade, has been painting my garage in between his other projects and recently announced that the west end was ready for me to begin work on the 6 foot diameter hex sign that I have been wanting to paint there for several years. 

Getting up on a ladder to paint a sign is something that I have not for a good long time, and have only done a few times over my life.  And, at 72 with two bionic knees and hips that are not getting any younger, it does not seem like something to be put off for long! But as you can see, up the ladder I got today and while you cannot see any difference, I am painting the background color, white, over the primer (also white).

 I had to position the ladder right on the disk and paint around it to be able to reach the center of the top of the circle. And yes, one of those wires does carry the house electric, which was why I had my hat on backwards. This is not my typical way to wear ball caps, but in this case, being able to see over my head without obstructions, seemed to make sense.

I ended up getting Tractor Guy to move the ladder to the side, so I could get the spots I missed with it being centered, (left) then moved down to the step ladder. I am much more comfortable with them, and it was sufficiently tall to allow me to paint the left section that I had been unable to reach from the center, as well as the bottom of the circle.

And the finished work for the day... looks just like it did before! LOL But I know that it now has a good foundation on which I can draw the design and then begin painting it. After the rain which is in the forecast for tomorrow. With luck I will get it drawn on before the end of the week and can begin painting!

Below is a shout-out to the folks who supply the plywood for the signs that I make as DutchHexSign.com. A local lumber yard, Hammond Lumber, with branches in many towns in Maine, have been my partners in hexeri for many years now. If you're in Bangor, please give the folks at their office at 1087 Hammond Street, a chance to help you with your project. (P.S. Their lumber comes from straight trees! ;) )