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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Put up that Calendar!

'Tis the time of year, again, when everyone is looking back at the year (many with regret over the well known figures who have died and many on both sides considering the past election and what it holds for the future) and the cultural "party hearty" meme takes center stage. For some folks (not many in my circles) it will be a night to dress up, take to the town, eat, drink and watch some local cultural icon descent from a high point at midnight. Many of these same folks will stagger in the the true first day of the new calendar feeling less than optimal and especially glad for the "extra day off" that the holiday being on Sunday has decreed.

As one who believes strongly in living with intention and in sympathetic magic, I have never truly understood this phenomenon. For years I have done my best to take down the old calendar in a home that is clean and in order and put up the new in the morning with a cheerful countenance, much rest and an energetic start to the day. After all, that is how I would like the rest of the days in this calendar to pass.

I'm not quite as far along with all that as I would like, though I will complete a bit more organizing this evening. I am satisfied with what I have completed. I had planned to spend more of the day on this project, but having a tractor "stuck" in the driveway necessitated other work. Tractor Guy had tried to start clearing the drive after our 8-10" of blowing snow the other day, but the under layer of ice had other ideas. Not only did little get cleared, the tractor did not have enough traction to get back up the slight incline. Getting some of the snow cleared from "the hill" and the below freezing temperatures, TG though, might help the old Fergie to at least get back to her resting spot... so I spent the day's energy attacking with a shovel. It worked, the tractor is back up but once again, no clearing happened. AND we are expecting 3-5 more inches of snow tonight! So, all things considered, the domestic order that has been obtained thus far will have to do as a calendar-turning base line this time around, along with thankfulness for electricity (most of the time) and alternatives when it fails (kero lights and a space heater, propane heaters and range) and a roof that does not leak, along with walls that are beginning to leak less wind.

While I don't count the new year as beginning until spring equinox, I recognize that the period from Yule until our calendar change is highly charged with energy from the masses who hold the winter new year dear. And that energy is available to those who wish to "amp up" their efforts to grow and change.

garage and house shadows near dawn
While I do not do resolutions, I have begun, with this dark moon, to work with a local group and the Perennial Course in Living Druidry as well as working with my friend's book, Writing with the Stars. The Druid project has us paying especial attention to the natural world and as a result, I noticed the shadows (left) out my window this morning. The small bit of sunlight between the house shadow and the garage shadow was
Arrangement of house and garage
something I had not seen before. You see, the arrangement of the two buildings is such that, when the sun rises as far south-east as it is presently, would be the only time this would be possible, as the way the buildings are located, most of the time the early morning shadows fall much farther west. You can be sure I will be watching at sunrise for the next few weeks, and again before the equinox come December 2017.