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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Moving Forward

It is my old fashioned opinion that if you don't vote, you had best keep your opinions to yourself as to the results. However, as I posted on Facebook earlier today:
I have not engaged in political posts through this election. I will not engage in trash talk about our president-elect. I will, however, likely disagree with much of his (apparently intended) agenda and continue working FOR the earth, and all of the beings upon it.
 Some years back, not terribly long after I stepped onto the current branch of my path and began walking with Frigga and her Handmaidens, I had achance conversation with a Christian acquaintance, who was of Norse decent and somewhat familiar with the old traditions of his ethnic heritage. He asked me, quite seriously, if I was a Völva.  As I answered him, with surprise, in the negative I heard a very strong voice in my mind telling me that I was, indeed, to become a wise woman/seer in this tradition and that I would serve, mostly, those not of "my community or tribe."

At that point I was not at all sure what They were talking about, but having had several experience through my life with what I call the "cosmic 2x4" (what happens when a deity wants your attention and doesn't have it) I certainly didn't want to deliberately invoke a "Viking" one! So I sighed and remained open to what I would be taught.

Some time later, I began receiving bits of wisdom and thoughts from Frigga's household; I was told to write these "words of wisom" down and share them with the world. Believe me, I wanted to duck and run, but instead I began sharing them, daily, on this blog, starting Aug 29, 2007. The run lasted for a couple of years (I'm really not good about this time thing) and then, They were done. I had subscribers to whom I emailed the thoughts and others followed the blog. Looking back, reading them through the distance, I guess the practice was part of my training.

I am sharing this, now, because I am feeling the mantle of the Völva close at hand and sense that, in what appears to be a time of upheaval and growing awareness of the level of injustice, hatred and unrest around us, I am being called to share my visions of what we might do to be the instruments of the change we wish to manifest.

Today I share this thought from The Powers That Be: When you feel hopeless, blocked, scared GO OUTSIDE TO NATURE and DO SOMETHING. Do something to get your hands dirty. Do something that changes something; something ever so small will do, but preferably make a change that you can see the next time you go out. It may not last long; that weed you pull may grow
back, the bottle you pick up and recycled may be replaced by other cast-offs, but you have made a change. If you have no place to dig, then run! Feel the wind in your hair, change your body, greet a passer-by and laugh at a squirrel. If you cannot run, walk and if you cannot walk -- even if you need someone to help you do it -- get OUTDOORS. Listen to the sounds, feel the air moving, the warming or cooling of your place on the planet, put your hands on a tree and tell it thank you for making oxygen. The important things are to Move, Do and Do It Outside. Change will follow.