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Friday, October 30, 2015

Are you Ready for the Darkness?

After a day of relative warmth, wind and rain, our cold front is passing and the temperatures are heading into seasonal norms yet again. The plunging thermometers and spinning anemometers, clouds racing across the blue sky, all remind me that the season of the Wild Hunt is at hand and winter is bearing down on those of us blessed enough to live in the Northlands.

Am I ready? Not completely... we have materials on hand but have not yet relocated the propane tanks for easier access. We have not worked on insulating the water system nor closed up holes in the skirting. But on the other hand, Fergie the tractor has all her wheels again, all of the manure from the neighbors' horses has been moved to our side of the fence and most of the currently fallow garden has been manured. After two days with the string trimmer, the overgrowth in the hedgerow to the west of the driveway has been flattened, watersprout trees that need to be removed have been eyeballed, it not yet tagged or removed and the asparagus beds have been weeded.

Early in the week, I finally processed the stupid guinea that hanged itself and the dogs have been enjoying the meat.  I am planning to have some home schooled youngsters over early next week to observe and have an avian anatomy lesson with a couple of ducks that need processed. That was supposed to have been THIS week, but I put them off in order to work on the weed removal while the temperature was more conducive to working out for a longer period.

I got back into spinning for the day on Saturday, and cleaned up a bunch of previously carded grease wool, so that I can focus on the Jacob's sheep fleece -- which is almost done -- to be used for spinning starting soon. I have committed to do fiber demos for a local museum at a big commercial show, called the Harvest Fest" again this year, so I need not only fiber to card and spin but also a bunch to weave with AND I need to get the little loom warped up. Soon!

A BIG Welcome! 48" sign ready to ship.
Abundance and Prosperity, 24" outdoor
$190 + shipping, ready to go NOW!
I completed and shipped this 4 foot diameter Welcome hex sign this week, and will finish the re-make of an Abundance and Prosperity sign that I incorrectly painted without the scalloped border. I'll be able to ship this 24" sign early in the week, I hope. It will be ready tomorrow, but poor Artie, my pickup, has been having alternator issues and has been declared on the "sick, lame and lazy list" until "Doc Johnny" at Pomeroy's Garage can see him on Monday. The one I painted incorrectly, shown above, right, is available for impulse purchase, and immediate shipping!

A big part of my preparation for the dark season of the year, which I love, continues to be my ongoing "decluttering" and sending on of things that I no longer really need. I am also reorganizing and hopefully streamlining some to make it easier and faster to accomplish necessary daily and seasonal tasks. We have many home-improvement plans and several continue in process, as we juggle energy, money, time and projects. We were both talking about kitchen issues this morning; it is NOT a two-person room and needs to be. Perhaps we will get around to moving the stove and making new cabinets this winter! Meanwhile, I have lots of fiber-y fun to work through.. I did not get any sewing done last winter, so all those projects are waiting in the wings, as well as spinning, knitting, crochet and an embroidery project for a friend. There will be plenty to do while sitting by the fire, so I think you can see why I am looking forward to the winter months!