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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring is HERE!

Broccoli last year, growing through the
paper weed block.
Each roll is 25' of home made weed block.
Spring sprung, it seems, almost exactly on May Day, though I have been pushing it along through the not-quite-warm, not-quite-dry days of late April. The soil has become warm enough to tolerate the transplanting of some of my cool season seedlings. The onions, leeks, lettuce and brassicas have all been transplanted, the onions and brassicas into rows of feed sack weed block.
I have also been busy cleaning up and painting the handles of all the garden tools bright yellow; the metal parts will be red, but I haven't taken a picture of that part yet though they are almost done and ready to go back to the garage and into general use. Long ago I found that this color combination not only made it easy to recognize my tools when working on a community project, but also made them much easier to spot both in the garden and in the garage. 

The baby chick that Tractor Guy surprised me with early in the month are
almost feathered enough to go outside in this pic, shot a week ago. They ARE fully fledged now, we just don't have a chicken tractor for them to live in yet! Interesting color patterns... I was told they were a cross of Rhode Island Red and RI White.

Out in the yard, our lone duck hen "flew the coop" -- likely to get away from the two drakes who have been feeling their oats -- and ended up in the turkey pen. I caught her setting on the clutch of turkey eggs and figured she had gone broody. Now I am not so sure, and some times Lady Grey is on the nest, sometimes the duck and sometimes no one. Hoping for the best.

Besides getting the seedlings out and the first row of direct seeded crops (beets and carrots) we spent one morning hauling mulch hay from a nearby horse operation. This pile is destined to help hold down weeds in the strawberry, blueberry and cranberry rows. These berries will be joined by the first two in a row of lingonberry plants. I went out to Fedco to pick up my tree orders (two pears, two cherries and two hazelnuts) and while I was there picked up two more cherries and 100 more strawberry plants. They had a sale on some "oops" packs... half price, they are likely "this" but may be "that."

Hex projects continue as well. First of the week I will ship a one foot Abundance, Prosperity and Smooth Sailing through Life and two custom indoor signs, complete with "monogram style" initials reversed out in the center. Pix soon!