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Friday, April 10, 2015

Late winter? Later spring? Not really!

I know everyone here abouts -- or so it seems -- has been on the horn to Old Man Winter and Ma Nature about the apparent slow departure of said old man. Like this it is unusual here to have snow, cold, etc. this time of year. While patience may run thin, especially for farmers and gardeners anticipating planting season and with starting racks and greenhouses bursting at the seams, it seems that we are not too far off from last year, truth be told.

April 11, 2014 view of the garden
April 16, 2014 view of the garden
 These two photos, taken mid-month last year, show that we still had snow on the ground, and snow falling and accumulating, in April. When you consider that the AVERAGE last frost date is mid-May, and you remember how an average is determined if you didn't sleep through math class in school, this really should not be very surprising.

April 4, 2015 view of the garden
April 7, 2015 view of the garden
 So, patience is something that we all need to cultivate while we are seeding those soil blocks and flats, in gleeful anticipation of sunburnt days of planting ahead.

We have had a bit of a warming trend, thankfully, in the weather but the lows continue to be below freezing and my soil temperature test this week proved that planting is a way off, as it read 36 degrees at 4 pm on a sunny day. We have had rain and snow, and the rain has taken a bit of the white away but there are still large areas covered, not just the piles and drifts. The melt has, however, solidified the snow sufficiently that I was able to walk without snow shoes to replace lines on the clothes poles and take down the first load of the year, which I left out overnight, but which was thoroughly dry.

Tuesday, Tractor Guy ended up stopping by Tractor Supply for -- no surprise here -- tractor parts and discovered they were having Chick he brought home 3 Rhode Island Red and 3 Rhode Island White chicks. NOT what I was expecting, though he had been in town much longer than expected. Most guys would offer flowers or chocolate in such a case; I got chickens!  LOL  Of course I love the little gals (they are all supposed to be pullets) and they are currently in a tote in the living room under their heat lamp.

Otherwise, things have been slow here on the farm. I continue to work on hex signs, of course. Today I shipped this 36" Protection for Livestock - Horse sign.I was thankful that the rain abated so it could be loaded in to the Subaru and hauled into UPS easily and kept dry! Livestock Protection Sign for Horse

Moving ahead, the next project is an Earth Star Flower in the 2' size.