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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Forward to Spring (...slowly...) but NO "spring forward"

It's been a busy week here at hex central and the home of the fussing ducks. We started out the week deliberately ignoring the clock adjustment silliness. One cannot "save" daylight. The sun rises when it does and sets when it does and to pretend otherwise is to be of the mind that would cut 2 feet off the top of a blanket and sew it on the bottom to make it longer to cover your feet. Even last year, "punching a time clock" I adjusted my work schedule in my mind rather than trying to change everything, from awakening to meals to onset of sleep. It worked well and so this year, again, doing the same thing.  As someone who lives close to the natural world and as a farmer, whose work peaks in the months of longer daylight, it is natural for me to sleep longer in the cold, dark months and to begin to awaken, arise and then as the season progressed, to stay up longer in the end of the day. Yes, I get less sleep in the summer.. but that is what winter is for, among other things!

And the first feelings that spring might actually arrive have been stirring here this week as well. We have had several very warm days (high 40s) and even one night where the mercury barely dropped to freezing. Well packed snow paths to the poultry pens are beginning to soften, which was not so much a good thing for my first attempts on the new knees to help with chores. I did, however, manage to not jar myself badly and even better, to not loose my footing and fall. It has been good that I have been able to help, as the hens are beginning to lay reliably and I am still able to bend sufficiently -- even with knees that are a bit stiff and added height to the ground in the coop from accumulated manure and straw -- to collect eggs. Tractor Guy cannot and when he had to collect, he ends up crawling in the thawing mess. Yuck.
left: Feb 17,2015 Right March 12, 2015
As you can see, the handful of warm sunny days have done a bit to the snow in areas where it was plowed, and on the high spots where it drifted from, as well. "Mud season" has made its appearance and made me, once again, thankful for a Subaru! When we went to the rural home/studio of a local healer/massage therapist yesterday, we were very glad to have had Boo! The town maintained road was a swamp; the private road up to her house, though thawing, was still snow covered and in both cases, Boo did her all-wheel drive thing, with many thanks on my part!

48" Wilkom sign
It's been a busy week in the hex world at as well. I completed the 48" Wilkom sign and hauled it off to UPS. It was interesting and fun to do that design THAT big! Someone is getting a REALLY BIG welcome!

12" Inspiration hex sign
12" Change hex sign
The next day I packaged and posted two 12" signs, Inspiration (Spiritual Rain) and Change.

8" diameter Abundance & Prosperity
I had also been talking with a customer who was looking for a very small sign for her father, who only had a space for an 8" diameter sign where he wanted to place it. I had not cut a circle that small and was not sure how accurate I could be at that diameter, cutting by hand, but I agreed to try and it worked. I still was uncertain as to how well I could paint the design at that size, but in the end -- after digging out some additional small brushes -- it went very nicely. Actually it went so well that I am seriously considering added this size as a standard offering, but only to selected designs. Some of them really would not miniaturize well without significant change. Now, all I need to do is decide which ones, come up with prices and program the shopping cart.