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Friday, March 20, 2015

Equinox! Maybe not spring but a day to seek balance

Recently my friend Karen Potter wrote: While the Vernal Equinox is tomorrow evening, that means balance not Spring, not for the Northlands. (It might be Spring somewhere) but here? Ice and Wind Frost Giants walk arm in arm ruling the landscape reminding us that Old Man Winter is still in Charge, that the Maiden is dreaming beside the fire.
Our driveway - not passable by Subaru

I had to share her wonderful imagery, which came to her on an early morning walk, here in Maine, with her dog. We have had some warmer days and some snow has melted, but over the past weekend we got a good dumping of around 8" followed by a few more inches late Tuesday and LOTS and LOTS of wind! One of the nighttime gusts hit the house with such force that Tractor Guy grabbed his predator-control flashlight and went to see what had hit the house. It was "just" wind!

In the midst of the cold and windy spell, not only were we running low on space heater fuel but our main unit -- an aging kerosene heater than came with us from NC -- decided to give up the ghost and in a most vexing way... it would not extinguish! It has been giving us fits, but I had high hopes of coddling it along until the end of the heating season. Each night, TG would have to be the one to fuss and fuss to get it to go out. You can't safely leave them to burn unattended, so when it steadfastly refused -- going down to a tiny flame, less than what one would expect on a small kerosene lamp -- but immediately bursting into life when the wick was raised a little, you can be sure my former firefighter stayed on the job...pretty much all night. Finally even he had to cry uncle and came to bed about 4 AM but when I got up a couple of hours later, yep, there was that tiny flame. It DID eventually go out and then refused to work ever again.

With the wind howling, the tractor refusing to start (who would blame her!) and the house staying well below a comfortable temperature, I messaged a friend and got TG a ride to our little town with two propane canisters (for the little propane heaters) and -- much to our surprise -- the little lumber yard still had kero heaters in stock, so we now have a new one. Hope it lasts as long as its predecessor!

Drift filled in the
'dog moat' and
path to the fowl

TG hiked out to the road to meet our friend and they hiked back to the house with the goodies, but before the sun set tonight, the driveway looked pretty much like the photos above (minus kitty prints! you can be sure if the drifting erased multiple sets of human prints, it had no trouble with the pussy-foot track.)

So, going into Equinox, dark/new moon and Frigga's day we will at least be warm. Normally our bit of trash and the recycles are hauled away in the run up to new moon, but -- thanks to the visiting Frost Giants -- that project has been held up this month. If the winds abate tomorrow, so that I CAN walk to the garage, I shall carry the stuff out there as a way of indicating intent.

I need to do some serious work on balance, it seems. Emotionally, I have been totally out of whack as the time passes since my surgery. I am frustrated by swelling in a knee and general muscle stiffness and weakness over all, not just in the legs. I am frustrated by my lack of cold tolerance and the need to wear multiple layers, heavy pants and sweatshirts in the house... makes me feel like a over-dressed toddler when I try to do "indoor things" with stiff leg, soreness and the damned extra bulk. I am getting some of the seasonal stuff done that needs doing -- planted lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach seed this week, and have a 3' hex to ship as soon as we can get out and several small ones being painted. But the less exciting stuff -- sweeping and washing up -- no less necessary -- goes by the wayside.

But the days are longer, and while the swelling buds and puddles of mud are waiting in the wings for future days, we do have solar heating from the celestial orb as it moves along its path towards spring and many little green things on the grow rack, waiting their time in the earth.

May you all find balance and may Spring find you in her own time.