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Friday, February 6, 2015

Uphill Both Ways

I am reminded of the jokes in which an elder, speaking to a youngster, talks about their long walks to school and asserts that the road was "up hill both ways." This week has kinda felt like that in general.

"Blowing and drifting"

Drift is up to the
bottom of the windows

Between sub-zero temperatures, and massive wind chills that not only subtract from the perceived temperature but also continue to move the snow about, even when it is NOT actually falling, we have had one heck of a weather week.

Barely scraping by... heading out on supply run
Adding to the stress was the urgent need to get out and resupply kerosene (we managed to stretch our supply through the weekend but filled the heater tank with the last dregs on Monday) as well a getting the wall heater big propane tank filled. Both were accomplished on Monday, in the nick of time for the propane, as the pilot was out when we got up Tuesday morning. This was not really much of a surprise. While I can usually count on the big tanks to last a month or so, there seems to always be one session -- ofter just after the first of the year -- when temperatures and wind conspire to suck the heat out of the house and eat the propane much more quickly. The tank that we swapped out had lasted three weeks.

Also on the needs list was critter feed, which was resupplied as well during the Monday supply runs.

My intrepid visiting nurse did manage to slide in to remove the staples from the left knee, bringing the prospect of a shower into the equation. Unfortunately, I had to wait an extra day due to Tractor Guy's quite understandable fatigue from all of the clearing and hauling he had to do. After two weeks, though, what's one more day and when it finally came, the hair washing and body scrub felt wonderful! With the turning of the season (the tide I call Spring Finding has been lapping at the corners of my mind all week) even I (not fond of showers as I am) enjoyed invoking the spirit of the rains-to-come and the cleansing of body and spirit with the full moon, also this week. I also finally got a visit today from a physical therapist, who says I am showing the kind of range of motion more typically seen at 4 weeks post op. I am closer to 2-2 1/2 wks and both knees seem to be pretty much equal. Woo Hoo!!

According to the directions
I need to secure the sliced jugs with duct tape
but other than that, they are done.
My main ritual for the cross-quarter-tide has been the preparation and planting of the seeds I received from As soon as Tractor Guy is up for taking them down the steps and stashing them in the snow for the season, I'll clear off the table and begin working on the 4' hex that is next on the list.

12" Livestock Protection hex sign
Today, when TG heads out to pick up the new Rx for my "good drug" (one of the class of medicines that now requires a new written prescription for each round of medication, to be hand carried to the pharmacy) I will have him post the Livestock Protection - Horse hex sign that I completed this week.