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Friday, February 13, 2015

This week has been mostly characterized by frustration, snafus and not a lot of fun. Friday last I had everything in order to get a renewal on my pain medication, or so I thought. Getting there had not been easy nor straightforward but by the time I confirmed that the prescription was ready to be picked up, the only obstacle seemed to be the snow that had drifted back into the driveway. With a 4:30 PM deadline staring down at him, Tractor Guy got Fergie up and running and began clearing the snow as I watched the time and his progress. With about an hour to spare, the sound of the tractor ended. The next sound I heard was not the Subaru springing to life but the closing of a car door and the raising of the hood. Boo refused to start. A starter wire was reattached and her battery swapped for the one from the tractor, but still no go. Boosting the battery did not help, nor did a call to the doctor's office provide a solution. Knowing that it would be Monday before we could get additional doses, I planned out a scheme of omitting the 1 o'clock doses, day and night and prepared myself for an increase in discomfort.

Since there were no errands being run, the hex order did not get shipped, groceries were not topped off, etc. I was thankful that we had sufficient fuel for heat. Tractor Guy carried the car battery to the garage and put it on a charge.

Fortunately, by the time Monday rolled around and another attempt at meds and errands could be made, the old battery had picked up enough juice to go, but not trusting it, the plan was to allow the car to run while picking up the prescription and posting the hex and other mail, and then to hit Sams Club where both the prescription and a replacement battery were on the list.

The gremlins from earlier in the weekend were not done with us, though. The doctor's office was closed, due to an oil spill in the back room! After he spent about an hour calling anyone and everyone who might have by any stretch of the imagination been able to help, Tractor Guy was finally connected to an RN in the emergency room of the country hospital with which the local doctor's office is associated. We are not sure what she did or said or to whom, but it was not long after when we received a call from the office that someone was there who could hand off the prescription.

Fortunately the week did improve some after that!

The weather gods even granted us a week of very little snow --
only traces, pretty flakes and no serious wind -- and a bit of sunshine from time to time which streamed through the south windows for some noticeable solar gain and enticed Moose to take a sunbath on a comfy pile of snow!

My home health care folks are gradually abandoning me for lack of need of their services on my part. I am no longer seeing the nurse, the occupational therapist -- who finally got here -- found that I had life pretty well figured out. The physical therapist gave me cane lessons, as I have been walking about without the walker, mostly in fairly confined areas. It is nice to be able to use the cane when going to the bathroom during the day; the geometry of the small hall, narrow door and bathroom has meant I had to get creative using the walker. The cane is just easier and I am close to abandoning the walker except for early morning or evening.

I have started painting on the 4 foot Abundance/Prosperity/SmoothSailing hex sign and though I appreciate having the tall stool to perch on while painting the tulip and wheat motifs around the border, I have no problem standing and reaching to paint the central star.   I also have a small indoor prosperity sign underway, and am looking forward to getting out to the garage wood shop very soon to cut the next two large sign blanks. With any luck Tractor Guy will bring home my next sheet of 3/4 plywood tomorrow. I have asked him to cut it into halves -- they don't have to be exact halves because we know I will be cutting only one 4' sign; the customer ordered a 3' one as well.

Where is the next blizzard's
offering going to go?
I probably won't be getting to the garage to cut the new circles, though, until Monday, as we have a blizzard watch (yes, again with the snow and wind!) for Saturday and Sunday. Current predictions are for 5-8" of snow on Saturday and an additional 12+ the following day. Monday will have to be a tractor day, because I have a doctor's appointment Tuesday afternoon. I am thinking that since Tractor Guy will be out and about to start and work with the tractor, there will likely be a navigable path to the garage that I can manage with my cane. With the plywood cut into halves, I can easily draw on the circles and cut them by rotating the relatively square sections of plywood on the garden cart. In the past I have typically just crawled up onto the plywood to cut the hard-to-reach part of the first circle, but that really won't work (yet) with the new knees.

And, in recognition of my increasing mobility and desire to pick up the brush (and the pace of life) I have added some limited time specials on the Dutch Hex Sign store page. FREE SHIPPING on selected 12" signs for outdoor display! The circles are cut and ready to be primed, drawn and painted!!