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Monday, February 23, 2015

New Project on the Schedule, and Goal to Go!

EDIT:  Well, in theory it was accepted, but MOFGA, being a large corporate entity now (far from the grassroots organization  it is perceived to be) has their own agenda. Whether or not we will be able to find "common ground" is yet to be determined. One thing for sure, I will NOT be painting the signs ON the barns; they insist on something ready-to-mount, to be delivered prior to the fair. I am negotiating for a demo space nearby, to work on the second in the series. We will see...


I just learned that a project that I proposed to the local MOFGA chapter, of which I am an officer, was accepted by the parent organization and I will be painting a "livestock Protection" sign on one of the livestock barns on the organization's grounds during the Common Ground Fair this fall!

I will be drawing and painting directly on the barn, which is traditional but not something that I have done much of in the past. It requires climbing and standing on a ladder and depending on the size of the circle, may have to be painted in sections. It will be exciting to do this, as it will be happening during the three day long fair and there will be, I hope, ample time for quiet promotion of my art. At the very least, I will be wearing T-shirts with my logo and URL prominently featured, both front and back!

There is, however, one other relevant fact.  A month ago, I had both knees replaced. I am, one month post-op, climbing normal steps with my bionic knees and a cane with less pain and no more difficulty than I had pre-op and things are supposed to continue to improve. Complete healing after total knee replacement (whether it be one knee or two) does not occur for many months, possibly even a year. A good outcome, so I am told, requires the active participation of the patient with a regimen of specific exercises, but also requires rest, ice and elevation of the knees to address swelling after periods of activity, and the ability to listen to ones body and "not over-do." This latter is not something I am known for.

I have been approaching this period of healing with a rather open and free-form attitude. I know I want and need to be able to get into the garden this spring and summer, but with record-breaking snowfall on the ground and equally record breaking cold temperatures filling the weather reports, it is hard to say when the ground will be ready for even the earliest seeds and hardiest transplants.

However, the date of the Common Ground Fair has been set -- Sept. 25, 26, 27. Nothing will change it and the only weather phenomenon that might interfere with my sign painting project would be unremitting rain for the three days of the fair. So I have a goal.. and an intermediate one as well as I have been planning to paint a sign on the west end of our garage and will use that as a practice piece and a way to hone the process while working on a ladder but not quite so far up in the air.