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Friday, February 20, 2015

A Week of Slow Progress

Valentine's day is not a big deal for us; love shared on a daily basis seems much more meaningful than something snatched from a store shelf because of a date on the calendar -- or guilt. LOL But Tractor Guy did surprise me late in the week with a HUGE box of baking cocoa!  That will likely say "love" for many, many months.

Meanwhile in the wilds of central Maine, our on again-off again love affair with snow and extreme cold continues. Saturday when he brought up the weather upon arising, TG reported that the thermometer was reading -18 and the wind chill was making it feel like -31. Serious BRRR. On these deadly cold nights, we
Big enough to pet without
my bending over!
have been bringing the LGD (livestock guardian dog) pup, Moose, onto the back porch for overnight... and during the days on days like this as well. He is only 5 months old and though he is getting his "grown up Pyr" coat, we don't think it will hurt his guarding in the long run for him to spend a bit of time in a warmer place, away from his "charges" the fowl. In the morning and the evening we let him into the house to visit me... after all, he rode home with me in the car for three days as a baby with his chin resting on my arm and he is convinced that I am one of his charges to guard. He lays in front of my desk and sticks his head under for pets... but will have to break this habit before he is full grown. He did end up staying in an extra day this week because our last snow fall and drifting added so much accumulation to the dog yard that even a dachshund could have just stepped over the fence!

Blizzard Monday was spent making 3/4" soil blocks and planting two full trays of onion seed... about 480 blocks. We are about to run out of onions from last year's planting, so I am going to use up the few seeds remaining in the packets this coming week, as well as a few left over from last year. We eat a lot of onions!

NOT a small truck!
With my one month post-op visit to the doc in Portland scheduled for Tuesday, and the temperatures staying well below zero (not a range that our tractor, Fergie, will start in) we cried "uncle" and went hunting for some "big guns" to clear our driveway. A friend who works at a nearby dairy gave me the
He tried! Snow flew
higher than the hood!
number of one of her coworkers and, after one failed try, we managed to connect Tuesday morning and the guy said he would come over. His one ton pickup with big plow, though, was no match for the solidly packed driveway. My friend had mentioned that they had a truck and a front end loader, so when he drove away after the first three runs, I tried to stay positive. And, sure enough, shortly he was on the phone explaining that he would have to
even with the loader, it was a big job!
use the tractor, and it would cost a bunch and take a while to get it to our place.. but we had to get out so I gave him the go ahead. Even with the loader, it was not a quick process. He not only cleared the drive, but also pushed back the piles on BOTH sides, giving us room to pile future snow.

Doc visit turned out to be a trip to get the new knees x-rayed and then a perfunctory and brief "I ask questions, you answer them" visit with a brief look at the incisions and my range of
bionic knees
motion. I was pronounced fit to drive and go about, told to continue exercising and to listen to my body. And, oh, yeah, if my pain is below 5 I should not be taking the "good drug." LOL Considering that my pain was only briefly AT 5, while in the hospital working with their PTs, and dropped immediately when I was to rest, I guess I can say that I have been over-medicated for a month. I'm now just using Tylenol and that means that when I want, I can have a glass of wine with supper again!

Good timing, that, as Wednesday being New Moon was the day we needed to haul recycles and trash (usually my job) and time to resupply groceries. I rather over-did it a bit (too long standing in WalMart after pushing my cart around, even though I only did a surgical strike based on my list with no wandering on top of several extra times getting in and out of the car) but the gave me a chance to try out the electric chairs at Sam's Club. They handle well but could use a turbo for those of us who are fast shoppers... and a seat made out of a smoother material. The thing grabbed onto my sweats and I had to fight to slide to one side or the other to grab a product that was just out of reach. 

The Abundance/Prosperity/Smooth Sailing hex sign is complete and awaiting packaging tomorrow. I have been babying my legs and knees a bit today, as they are really stiff, mostly as a result of being a bit more swollen than usual from the over use. Packaging these 48" signs is always a challenge, but I shall tackle it early tomorrow and we will make the trek to UPS to get it on its way! There is another sheet of 3/4 plywood waiting in the garage and no reason why I cannot cut circles. I am asking Tractor Guy to cut it roughly in half for me so I can just rotate the squares to cut the 3' and 4' circles that I need, rather than climbing onto the plywood...something that the knees won't be ready to do for some time. I also have a small indoor Fertility sign almost completed and received an order for two more 12" signs today, for which I have circles cut and waiting.

This coming week is going to be FULL of hexes!