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Friday, January 30, 2015

Healing up and Moving towards Spring Finding (Imbolc, Grundsaudaag)

First week of many to follow, of focus on healing, movement, exercise and stretching and just plain hunkering down to survive. Whew! We are getting into a routine, finally, with appreciable heat able to be placed in the bed room and routes cleared for me to move about with the walker. Damn trailer, though is not especially walker-friendly and the main bathroom and its door are sufficiently narrow that I must crab-walk sideways to use that toilet. Fortunately that is not a problem. I still have not been doing the bed exercises as much as I need to and expect that the visiting PTs will take me to task, and hopefully find some ways to adjust so I can accomplish the same thing in the front part of the house, or motivate me to go lie down.

I am also thinking that it may be desirable to consider the support hose with my tights under them -- or at least the legs cut off the tights, as I really don't need to fight MORE stuff over my butt in the john. I think this might work, and honestly I don't care if they run, and end up being tossed. Not sure why I kept them anyway, as I have always hated the stuff sausage feeling even of tights that I am not allergic to... Suspect I kept them around only because, if I were to have needed them, they are not something that one can grab at the local store, or inexpensively online.

Pain is varying, most often at the "hurts, but no biggie" level but last night I just could NOT get comfortable and eventually took a full dose of my "good drugs" and then another full dose once the time came around and did manage to find a position and relax. That was a first.

I have not felt the energy present to begin working on the hex orders that have come in, yet, but I have been eying my small painting table which had become a catch all, and we did get it cleared today. I am looking forward to beginning work on the little livestock protection sign this afternoon.

I have been scaling back what I want to do, and therefore need help with, to allow Tractor Guy to focus him limited energies on the outside chores, which have required extra oomph on account of the major blizzard that hit us with 15" of snow  Tuesday and Wednesday. Blizzard, of course, adds considerable wind to the actual snowfall and brings drifts to be fought through. Fortunately the Gods of Winter cut Tractor Guy some slack and blew a totally clear path from house to garage where his favorite shovel had been hiding and stayed gone during the day so his hard work making paths to the fowl remained clear.

Before, with human tracks
to mailbox and doggie
tracks behind car
after! Good work TG
and Fergie!
Thursday was "clear the driveway" day with -- as a back up plan -- crossing fingers that my visiting nurse, who will visit on Friday, most likely at the the wheel of her full size diesel pickup, has the thing equipped with a plow and wouldn't mind making a few bucks under the table as a plow driver. As you can see, though, Fergie was up for the task.

Nurse has been and gone and the bandage and staples removed from Knee 1. Did not really hurt that much and the knee will be happy to be able to begin being washed a bit more thoroughly.

Frigga's light is burning and I am trying to focus on my thanks to Her and Eir, in particular, for my rapid healing thus far. A bit of post-op PTSD is raising its head, though, and I am feeling like I need a good cry, which is just out of reach.