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Friday, January 23, 2015

Bionic knees -- check

Not much of interest to write about today, as I am blogging from my bed in room 2055, Building Bean2 at Maine Medical Center in Portland. .Right knee was replaced on Monday and from the beginning has not offered many complaints. It was walked twice a day, from day 2, exercised by the PT crew and had been being kept cold by the most wonderful device that  holds a gallon or so of ice water, which is circulated into a bag wrapped around the knee and secured with velcro.

Although I have orders for up to 2 Oxycodone every 3 hours, I have only had to request one, and at that only when the knee was complaining a bit from the exercises.

Knee 2 was done yesterday and has been complaining more than it's buddy,. but not enough for me to want to up the dose of  pain pills. It has been exercised now, but not walked yet.

I really did not need to bring much of the stuff the hospital called for... It really is not practical to change into a normal nightgown, or into workout clothes when you have IVs in both hands.

At this point, PT is talking about releasing me to home, rather than the more typical round of rehab, which I am quite happy with.With the attention I have been paying to "knee miles" the last year, I am already well on track for keeping moving, doing my exercises and puttering around once I am home,

On the hex front, the three signs below shipped out on Friday, and I cut blanks for the two orders I have in the queue, which Tractor Guy is priming for me this week while I am away. 

12" Earth Star Flower  went to NJ
12" Welcome went to CT
12" Love and Happy Home went
to VA
I expect to be back in production next week, working slowly on a 48" sign, which will be done is small bits, as it will require standing, and more quickly on a Livestock Protection sign that is only a 12" one and can be done sitting comfortably.

Of course, Tractor Guy will also be donning his CNA hat for a while to fetch and carry for me, as well as taking on all the critter chores. There is a fine line to walk between being TOO active and falling into the seductive arms of the couch,..