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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Turn of the Calendar

I saw a post on recently, that began "I like to look at the holiday season as a liminal time.  The change from the old year to the new year is not on the Pagan Sabbat calendar, but it’s still a magical time that we have rituals for in our culture..."

For many years, I have had a tradition at this time of the year, as a solitary witch, which has involved starting the year with a home that was completely and deeply cleaned the day and evening of new year's eve. I have never been one to attend or throw parties, and it has always made sense to me to start the calendar by setting in motion the energies and forces that I would like to move with into the new year.

Now, though, I do not have the energy nor stamina to completely deep clean the place. This has been somewhat frustrating, in the past. This year, though, I have the goal of getting the cleaning and organizing done by the time I head off for knee surgery, in three weeks. This is much more practical, do-able and necessary. So, today and tonight I shall continue to make progress on that front, as well as getting several new hex blanks sanded and primed to be painted in the next few weeks to complete orders currently on the books.

Moose, the baby livestock guardian dog, has clean, dry straw in his house and the kitties have freshly cleaned litter boxes.

There is pork thawing and a cabbage on the counter, for abundance and prosperity and sauerkraut to go with that pork. Likely tomorrow will be another day for butchering fowl, as I try to move the extra roos from the feed trough to the food chain... but since they "scratch backward" they will not be on the menu. Perhaps I shall keep in mind, as I butcher them, the thought of putting "backwards" and counter-productive energies on ice as the birds head to "freezer camp."

In a few weeks, as the moon turns, I will also be turning a new leaf with new bionic knees.

Here's to change, and moving into the future with good intent!
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