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Saturday, November 29, 2014

On Being Thankful

Abundant Prosperity with Smooth Sailing Through Life
Hex sign from Dutch Hex Sign
Gratitude is a wonderful thing. It can lift the spirit and even open up the pathways to greater abundance and blessings. Sometimes I think it is easy to be grateful when things are good and much harder during times of trials... but when I think back over my life, the opposite seems much more the case. During times of abundance and "smooth sailing" as the scalloped borders in many of my hex signs invoke, we are often too caught up in enjoyment and delight in the easy flow of life that we totally forget or overlook a chance to express gratitude, whether it be to our God or Gods or just to the Universe At Large.

Honestly, I don't think it matters one hill of beans whether or not we give thanks TO a deity, but I think it matters a whole heck of a lot that we do express gratitude -- often and heartfelt -- for the blessings that surround us. I wish there were words that did not automatically come with religious connotation with which to talk about this subject, because it not only transcends religions, it transcends religion as well.

I know a couple of dyed in the wool atheists -- my former in-laws, who I used to call "evangelical atheists" on account of their fervent and continued support of atheist causes, who would often voice the words "Thank God" even though they did not acknowledge a divine being, as the need to be thankful presented itself and they had no other words.

As a Pagan, and a Witch, I try to keep an attitude of gratitude at all times and express to my Gods and Goddesses my appreciation for everything from being able to get my creaking bones out of bed in the morning to the opportunity to provide sustenance for my family -- with Their help -- from the gardens, flocks and fields.

This week, as we mark what some may consider a Christian holiday -- Thanksgiving -- I have been especially mindful of many things for which I am thankful: 

Christmas, left and Thanksgiving, right
peer in the front door. A peeping tom?
Thanksgiving as supper!
Thanksgiving -- the turkey -- and friend Yolanda who gifted us with him and his companion, Christmas, as young poults. Thanksgiving dressed out at 32 pounds and I am also thankful that my oven held
him! -- even if it did cause the rack to bow a bit!
Heritage turkeys, L; young layers, center and main layer flock, R
all have yards and houses now, across the back yard.
The time, material, energy and help of Tractor Guy in our big push to get all the fowl moved to a central location and get pallet houses build and tarped to give them more space and shelter, a project which was completed as the ground covered with the beginning of our second serious snow storm of the season. 
#hangingout #hardcore
And, despite the snow, you gotta know that I am a hard core line drier when I don my snow shoes for the first time in a season to get the laundry to the line! I shoveled paths to the fowl pens because I knew I would need to shovel to open the gates, but for the laundry, it was snow show time for sure. Only problem with "hanging out" in the winter... the lines get shorter!  LOL
And I am also especially thankful for the help of an old friend and young geek in Atlanta, Eric, who administers the server that runs for his help not only in bringing the site into the era of the mobile device, but also his diligence in helping move the site to a more secure server.
Protection, L and Earth Star Flower, R
Protection sign in place
And to my customers, as well, for their support and orders. This week I shipped two small signs to Pennsylvania, to be installed on small barn-like out buildings.