Saturday, August 9, 2014

Finding the Flow

After an eagerly awaited road trip to visit a yarn mill and getting a chance to see the incredible machines from the 20s -- or possibly earlier -- still cranking out wonderful roving and yarns...

"the mother of all drum
Spinning... they all work at once!
Making a skein

and then a day on the farm, followed by another day away...

a visit to MOFGA  to help with canning and work with/learn from a professional

Busy kitchen - work in progress
"pickle team" shows off

  ...and a side trip on the way home to haul most of a 20 bales of spent hay, which was followed by a regularly scheduled "day in town" (actually more like just a very busy morning), unloading the truck and heading back out to retrieve the last of the hay...

Well just let me say I am glad to be looking at many days in a row of staying on the farm!

Yesterday I just puttered... there were blueberries and peas that needed starting on the drying process and several hexen to draw and begin painting. I was amazed at how beat I was, not sure if it was all the driving in a manual transmission rig, 6 hrs on my feet in a kitchen or what... but the knees were not happy and my left shoulder was complaining big time.

After sleeping with the heating pad the shoulder was happier and after a day of minimal use the knee was willing to work, so I hit the garden in the morning, after critter chores, to weed the row for the day. Ideally, I would like to weed a row each day in the morning and  pick in the evening. I had actually carried out the container that I pick the Dyer's Coreopsis into, hoping to pick them on the way back in (making each leg-yard ... leg miles are a thing of the past... count) but I weeded down and part way back the other side of the tomato row, raising several of the fence sections as I went and meeting up with the part that I had weeded earlier and by then, I was in need of lunch!

I was appreciating the gathering dark clouds that finally hid the sun (though the temperature was not excessive, the direct sun was getting to me) and dropped the air temperature as they rumbled thunder in the distance. My afternoon garden plans were thwarted by a gentle rain. Not complaining... a friend a few towns away got hit with a wee bit of water and golf ball size hail! Sorry for him, but glad we got spared, this time.

Afternoon was easily transitioned to hex painting and catching up on some other indoor things. There was meat waiting to be turned into stew -- the pressure cooker made short work of that. I made granola and then moved on to chocolate chip cookies that I had planned for "sometime this week." Since we have given up using shortening in favor of oil or butter -- and not having the budget to bake with butter -- I looked up a recipe using oil Jury is still out on that one.

Stew needs biscuits, so that's next. Cross your fingers that we don't get hockey pucks!
Can't believe I made them -- Bisquick was not involved but lard was!