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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Year of Transition Coming to a Dramatic Conclusion

With little more than one week left in the slightly shortened Year of Transition, things may be moving to a much more dramatic conclusion than I had expected.

On the town job front,  I am once again amazed to discover that my intuition was spot on in the timing of my retirement... both the original timing and the current, shortened span that has me working my last day a week from Friday. The company announced in a conference call (that I was unable to take, on account of not being scheduled during the time of the call, and instead being on the road on errands... my boss summarized in an email to me after the fact) that our duties at Best Buy will be transitioning back to the Best Buy staff during the coming two months, while Anderson services to WalMart are on an increase. They apparently expect to hire more folks for that side of the business and transition existing staff currently assigned to BB to the Walmart team.

Thank you, but no thank you. I have DONE merchandising tasks (for other companies, on an ad hoc basis over the past few years) at WalMart and have zero desire to be assigned there. The only company lower on my list is Target.

So, once again, my kick ass survival instinct has kicked in and motivated me to jump ship before the waves swamp the boat and the decision was made much earlier and totally based on intuition. I did a similar thing many years ago, in TX, successfully leaving the apparently successful dot-com before it imploded and ended up housed back in the founders basement.

And on the hex sign front, I was contacted some time back by a "lifestyle specialist" media personality in MN who wanted to feature my art in the TV segment. Today it airs... Streaming live CST 9:15-ish... the program that will include my hex signs!

The station's web site already shows what apparently will be the gist of the program

I am hoping for an increase in orders, but hopefully not something overwhelming. I am also thinking on how I can parlay this publicity into articles in print publications, hopefully some of the magazines that focus on the north east and Maine.