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Monday, July 21, 2014

Hexen, Hummers, Peas Oh My!

24" Inspiration sign
I recently shipped two more hex signs and the customer for the Inspiration sign gladly shared a photo of it. While most are mounted at the peak of a building, that is not the ONLY place they can be hung, as this sign shows. It's mounted on the folks privacy fence!

On the garden side of things, Mother Nature definitely is doing her thing with the peas this year. They got planted late, but the main crop is coming on like gangbusters. This is my pickings of the morning today, and I see there is (likely a) final picking on the earlier row out there as well. The main crop row has at least as many pods still coming on, and many of the plants are still also in blossom. Thanks to the Sun and the Earth, the Wind and Water too for this abundant harvest. And thanks to the Electrons coursing through the fence keeping the deer at bay! I have already frozen over 5 lbs from previous smaller pickings. Looks like we might not have to buy peas in the store this year!

The Hummer's Tail

The Hummer's Tale

 We did have a bit of unexpected excitement the other day. We leave our front door open for circulation, and have not yet figured out how to do the screen door (it's a sliding door, second hand, and the track for the screen is missing. And we have a humming bird feeder hanging from a tiny shepherd's crook attached to a porch post. Several have hovered near the door looking in over the past few weeks, but as I was getting up from the computer,I heard a buzzing sound near the ceiling. I immediately looked up, thinking bumble bee but instead there was a hummer, trying to figure out why it couldn't get through the little window at the peak of the wall. It took us over an hour to get it out and quite a circus it was!

It flew back and forth, right at ceiling height, and the sloped ceiling did not make it easy to put anything up to help direct it towards the door. And, of course, it soon figured out that the ceiling fan was "good cover" from whatever evil predator was down there trying to catch it So around and around it went, taking brief rests perched on the fan and then taking off just as we moved in with a net.

Eventually, though, my patient Dr. Dolittle, AKA Tractor Guy, was able to get it to sit on the rim of the fishing net we use for catching wayward fowl when needed. The mesh on this net was sufficiently large that the little bird just flew THOUGH it when we tried to catch it that way! On the second try with the little bird on the edge of the net, he was able to walk it slowly out of the computer room (I quickly shut the door behind us) and to the open front door.

The silly bird did not make a break for it, but rather flew off to explore the living room and kitchen for a while. Since the door was RIGHT THERE, and OPEN, Tractor Guy hung the tiny feeder above the open door and just outside. Eventually the little hummer spotted it, flew out to drink and then flew off. Whew!  Mission accomplished without damage to the bird, apparently not even to its psyche, as there were two of the small creatures visiting the feeder later in the day.