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Friday, July 25, 2014

A New Chapter Begins

Not just turning the page this weekend, but starting to write a whole new chapter in the book of my life, as it were.

Today was my last day on the job in town. Normally I don't work with music -- at least not extra music... there is always some sort of sound going in the store, even before it opens... if not displays telling their stories or muzak, it's other employees playlists on portable devices. Today, I loaded MY playlist for the day on my 'Droid and started the workday with Hoyt Axton's "Boney Fingers".

As my hours came to a close and I was finishing up and getting things set up for my colleague and friend who will take my place until the end of the contract (a couple of months at most) I switched to Kenny Rogers "The Gambler." You'd think I was a country music fan, wouldn't you?  LOL  I'm not, really, except that I find it pretty good road trip music and now and then one of the songs... like these two... hit me. Especially The Gambler....

And, as I roused a manager to unlock the door and let me out, as I was done -- as planned -- before the store opened... Johnny Paycheck's "Take This Job and Shove It!"

I worked without my required uniform of black slacks and white blouse... all of those were in a box in the truck, destined for the charity drop off... and instead I wore my Farm Aid shirt and what turned out to be a freshly washed but definitely FARM pair of blue jeans.

Dropped the former work clothes at the charity drop off, but after delivering veggies to a friend, who had noticed my mention of donating the clothes and asked if by any chance any of the pants would be long enough to fit her, and indeed the newest pair was!

Ran errands, and realized that it is going to take me a while to get used to this not only not having, but not needing to LOOK FOR a job thing. I guess it's kin to my continuing to do double takes at for sale signs on rural properly for months after we bought our farm. I found myself doing the same thing every time I passed a "now hiring" sign on my errand route. Either I have not been noticing them or they sprouted up over night, for the seemed as prevalent as if I had suddenly been transported into the pre-holiday staffing frenzy of early November. They were EVERYWHERE! 

Tonight I shall do ritual with Frigga and thank the Gods for the good run, the good timing and the good times and prosperity ahead. And tomorrow with the turn of the moon, I shall step forward into the new chapter.