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Monday, June 30, 2014

Year of Transition -- Shortened

When I decided last fall that "retirement" from my town job needed to happen, and started on the path of the Year of Transition, the "year" part of the timing seemed very right. It echoed the traditional "year and a day" and a change at the autumn equinox seemed appropriate timing for the commencement of the autumn season of life.

However, as often happens, it seems that the Fates and the Gods and the Universe at Large often have other ideas.

All I can say (perhaps only in hindsight justification) is that it only takes 9 months to make a baby human, and that is a heck of a transition, so it seems like that will be a reasonable length of time for this transition as well.  LOL

Several threads in the tapestry of my life have recently come together to indicate to me that I need to take leave of the town rat race, the chase for the cheese or however one chooses to think of the pursuit of the paycheck.

Yes, I am short -- WAY short -- of my intended goal to hit the official Senior Years free of debt. However, I shall survive and still have a reasonable expectation of being able to pay off those debts sooner rather than later. And yes, this post is deliberately somewhat vague. There is a situation in play, beyond my control, that may soon present me with what may be a good opportunity as well as a bit of stress/stretching in use of my time and talents. I am hoping to know more this week, but with the holiday coming, I fear that the decision may not be passed down until the following week.

Meanwhile, I have given notice to my part time employer, that the last Saturday of July will be my official end of employment. No, I don't often have to work Saturdays (the preceding Friday will likely be my final day of actual work) but that is the end of the pay period. They had asked for a month of lead time, if possible, to allow for finding and properly training my replacement. I have told them that, should the above mentioned opportunity actually present itself, I would like it if they could pull off replacing me in under a month, but I am not holding my breath.

Freedom Rangers, getting big enough to be supper!
Regardless of what happens on the potential opportunity, there is plenty to do here at Fussing Duck Farm and Dutch Hex Sign Dot Com. There are house projects that need completion, a garden to tend, wool and alpaca fiber to spin, and this week, meat to be put in the freezer. One of the Red Rangers has been heard trying to crow and the one we dressed out for Solstice supper proved to weigh in at over 4 pounds. Plus, I am expecting the new crop of meat birds for fall "harvest" to arrive in a couple of weeks... so we need to get these not-so-little gluttons off to freezer camp.

We were minus birds in the house for only a few days. Tractor Guy has been wanting to try guinea fowl, so when I found a good deal on 9 nearby day old keets, I took it. Then a friend ended up getting some broad breasted white turkey poults free -- she was at the right place at the right time -- and we cooked up a trade of some of the chicks she was hatching for me, from my eggs, for a couple of the turkeys. Then I discovered that another friend has an abundance of  heritage turkey hens, laying and wanting to set but is down a tom; we ended up with no hens just toms... so a trade will be made today once I get my truck back from the shop!

Yes, it's true... I WILL once again have my Artie truck... with new (rebuilt) engine and clutch! Today, with luck...

And with that note, I had better get going on the day.