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Thursday, August 8, 2013

It Feel Like Autumn

Ornamental Japanese Lantern plants in the perennial
"herb" garden; perannial herbs doing great, annual ones, less so.
August is usually NOT my favorite month. Nor September, either... though with the coming of equinox, the month grows on me as it progresses. My first thoughts of September, though, always reflect an Ogden Nash poem... September is Summer Too. August is, however, usually just plain summer, and with it many of the things that do not make it my favorite season. Yes, I understand it is a needful thing that we have heat, and sunshine. I know the garden needs, and even loves the heat and sun at this time of the year, and for that I tolerate it. I know many folks lives allow for this to be vacation time, and that they enjoy spending hours laying and playing in the heat, and cooling off in the water of lakes, streams, beaches and pools of many variety. This is not the life I have chosen, nor would it be for many reasons.  So, normally, I do my best to keep the complaints down to a dull roar, take my antidepressant herbs as needed, focus on the garden and survive the month.

Thus far, this August has been remarkably amenable to my constitution, however. We have had temperatures in the 70s... high 70s some days, low 70s like today on other days. And we have had rain, clouds (both partially sunny days and overcast ones like today) with have been mostly minus the insufferable humidity of last month. I am liking it. Even the garden seems to be liking it, for the tomato crop is starting to ripen, the cucumbers have slowed down their fruiting and growth to a manageable level and the cloudy spells have given me enough respite from the typical unremitting sunshine that I have thus far not needed to dig out the St. John's Wart.

The cool mornings call for my fuzzy boots when I arise at 4 AM and a jacket when I leave for work at 5 -- atypical for the month -- and the cool breezes from the north whisper echoes of autumn... from where or when I do not know.

Usually, about this time of year, I begin to notice certain branches on a tree here and there on my normal routes, that take on fall colors well in advance of the season, and of the rest of their tree. Thus far, though, this year, these early color flags seem to be lagging. I am not sure whether to expect a colder than usual, or warmer than usual, winter... but I am sure it will be one or the other.

Hex painting continues: I have an oak leaf design almost ready to ship (2', should go Monday) and a huge Inspiration design just being started that is occupying my kitchen table. That is not optimal for canning season, but will leave my smaller painting table free for the 1' and indoor signs that must be started. I can work on a number of them at a time, since after applying a color I can easily move the smaller signs off the painting bench while they dry. All of the smaller blanks are cut and the fabric has been stretched for the indoor signs, so hopefully they will get started today.

This is, thus far, a cool and rainy day (thought the falling water has stopped for now) which calls me to work indoors. There are, however, veggies to be picked, processed and delivered to the buyers club today to fill orders, so I will be out to do that in a bit.