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Friday, August 2, 2013

Four Done Eight to Go!

Four small signs shipped today!
It isn't very often when I get a chance to inundate the Post Office with a shipment, but today was one of those great days! The signs shown above all are headed off to different homes now. Upper left is a Protection sign, upper right a custom design for a wedding, lower left the popular Natural Balance and lower right, Inspiration. All are 1' exterior signs.

Now, on the painting table I will draw and begin to paint a 2' Might Oak, and I need to cut, sand an prime the circle for a 4' sign and two more small ones. Rainy day today and the garage is crowded, so that will wait for dry weather, hopefully tomorrow.

Meanwhile,there are also several indoor signs on order, so I will need to stretch muslin on some 10" and 12" frames. I'll do that tonight so the glue can dry overnight and I can start painting tomorrow.

Meanwhile there are still cucumbers to make into pickles. My other half has a request in for bread and butters, so I need to hunt up a recipe. I have been working hard to get ahead of this particular stream of abundance and have enough small fruit to make small, whole dills. I have succeeded to some degree, so there will be some of these to can as well. Last picking did NOT yield another 1/4 bushel, but merely a good layer in the bottom of the peck basket. Picking every other day works, and should make be able to fill the buyer's club orders this week, too.

I am looking forward to the next week, as the weather guessers seem to think the cooler (low 70s) temperatures  will hang around for a while, as well as overcast or partly cloudy days. I know the garden needs sun, too... but when I can have at least partly cloudy skies, I am much happier. Even when the temps have been friendly, a bright sunny day gives me pause. Too much time spent in climates where I felt that "ol' brazen face" was attacking every time I saw his glory, I guess.