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Friday, August 30, 2013

"Be Careful What You Wish For"

We've likely heard it many times, the cautionary statement "be careful what you wish for." We know that the Fates, the Norns, the Powers That Be, by whatever names you know them, can be capricious and literal in ways we would never expect.

Let me add another caveat to that caution: "wishing" is not always what you think it is.

We all know of the formal wish.. upon a star, over a birthday cake or whatever or even the ad hoc "gee, I wish...." but wishes come is multiple disguises and some of them, as much as the formal ones, can come back and bite us.

Many years ago, leaving a failed marriage and having to leave a backwoods life that I truly enjoyed, despite the myriad of physical challenges (we were "beyond the power lines, without electricity -- or the associated tools -- and with chickens"as I used to write. We heated and cooked with wood, had light from kerosene and later 12v electricity before it became an accepted option, and I walked everywhere in our remote community) in order to get work. Folks then and there did not believe that someone would reliably drive 30+ miles for a relatively low wage temp job, and while it was not a problem for me in the summer, I chose to avoid the issues inherent in a "no matter what" commitment that involved hills, curves, ice, snow and unreliable plows.

So I moved to town (at least in the winter) and at one point I quipped -- only in jest, you know how that goes -- that I was going to move to town "and become fat and lazy."

Fast forward 20 years...

Not so sure about the "lazy" but those capricious Powers That Be latched on to the "fat" with the inhuman tenacity they can muster.  Fifty pounds are nothing to the Gods, but, by God, far too many for me to have added, and allowed to settle in and get comfortable on an aging frame.

Now, down 20 of them, I am determined to meet retirement next year "in fighting form." And I guess I'll get there fighting not just my body, but the quirks of the Powers that heard my unintentional wish.

So, watch out for those non-wishes... they bite