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Friday, August 29, 2008

Words of Wisdom August 29

A Lady stands with scythe in hand; she brings in the harvest and cuts away the weeds. Both are needful at this time.

The word of the day is season.


This entry on the virtual pages of my Words of Wisdom file marks the first full year of this practice for me.

Last year the Gods "kicked my butt" and insisted that I start receiving the Words and writing them down, and then (I am not sure of how long after I started they did this) insisted that I share them. This has been a scary (at first) and eye-opening exercise for me, and looking back I can see it was Their first way of guiding me more directly onto the Path of Volva. They hit me with that one around Yule last year.

They have also said that these words are to be made into a book, and specified that it have pages throughout for others to write their Words in connection. I will begin this project shortly and aim for publication in time for Yule.

I want to thank those of you who have been listening to these Words over the past months. Many have shared additional thoughts, or at times simply how appropriate the Words were for them on that day. I, too, see that sometimes these Words are meant "specifically" for me and sometimes I have glimmers of awareness that They were speaking specifically to someone else.

I will continue to receive -- and share -- these morning bits of wisdom as long as the Gods share them with me and direct me to pass them along. Know, always, that these are not my words, but Theirs, and don't shoot the messenger.

In Frigga's Service,

Jj Starwalker
Volva of the North