Tuesday, July 31, 2007

turning tides, first harvest season dawns

During my morning meditation, guided by Frigga's handmaiden, Snotra, this is what came out...

Aspirations, fleet,
Flutter around the edges
of awareness.
Newly forming, as yet
they await New Moon.
First Harvest fruits
and revelations
gathering with the tide.
A rich bounty of blessings
as the season turns.

I'm looking for my old bread recipe,
the one with wheat and oats and corn,
the Staff of Life
to toast this Harvest Season.
A bit of blueberry jam will
be nice too.

July 31, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reflections on a Hex theme: Smooth Sailing Through Life

One of the more traditional themes in Pennsylvania Dutch hex sign painting is the scalloped border with many small, inward-facing scallops which surrounds the larger motifs. This design is interpreted as an additional prayer for "smooth sailing through life." They face inward, towards the energy of the main focus of the circular design, for the outer circle is drawn as the boundary of the Gods' will so of course all prayers remain inside this sphere.

I was thinking about that today, in the light of what we may want out of life. Many folks whose lives are overly busy, stressful, difficult, and who face challenges that they may not believe they are up to meeting, are prone to pray for an easy life, to ask for fewer problems.

Believe me, if I were one of those folks, they would have been a day for wanting to make such a request. From "simple" web change requests that weren't, to my favorite vegetable stand now being closed on Tues, to having to run an extra errand WAY on the other side of my normal route, to the flat tire that I got after that errand, to a reported printing problem with a project that I thought I was done with weeks ago, to the discovery, upon picking up the mail, that my newly rehabilitated school loan had been sold to yet ANOTHER sleazeball outfit (instead of being passed off to Ford, to be consolidated with my other loans, as requested)... today had plenty of challenges.

HOWEVER like a big ship sailing through rolling seas, none of these challenges proved more than that... a challenge which was dealt with. We were not the little sailboat, being capsized by the waves...

And that, my dears, is "smooth sailing through life."

Thursday, July 5, 2007

the morning's meditation

This is our Mother upon whom we walk
from whom we came
who gives us sustenance
to which we return.
Hail, Mother.

This is our Father under whom we walk
who lights our way
by night and day
and gives us guidance.
Hail, Father.

This is our Sister who cycles round
as she circles round
marking time and
shining hope.
Hail, Sister.

These are our Brothers who lay down their lives
to give us meat
for strength and life.
Honor them.
Hail, Brothers.

Almost every day I go to the gym and work out. And almost every workout ends with a brief (10 min or so) session in the sauna, where I let the heat soak into the muscles while I relax and meditate.

Since I have been following the moon through the signs, as reflected by Frigga's handmaidens, my meditation has been started with the germ of awareness of the Handmaiden of the day. Where it goes from there varies...

Today I had in my awareness, as well, the observation that (after an apparently brief "blip" on the weight loss curve last week) I appear to be back on track with this goal. I did a mid-week "unofficial check in" just to see, after my splurge of last evening (the first corn on the cob of the season, roasted on the grill... two ears...).

My theme for today -- the Handmaiden being Vor -- is Understanding. So I was thinking on understanding and saw in my mind's eye the strands of yarn that I put up in my Craft room some time back, to represent the reins of my life... And my Understanding is that having once again consciously picked up these reins, I am in the drivers seat.

I was also thinking a bit on my connection with the other realms (for lack of a better word)... and my witchey work. And the hex work books I have been getting in the mail and reading from, and the Wild Witch book that I picked up again (I was from the beginning, a wild witch though I never used the term... and though I work with specific deities now, that is still where my practice is rooted) and as those thoughts rolled around in my awareness, out came the poem with which I started this entry.