Sunday, June 24, 2007

"That Thing That I Do"

Often times when my kids need my help, they will contact me, explain the problem, and say something like "and Mom, if you could do that thing that you do, I'd really appreciate it."

Sometimes that involves designing and painting a Hex, but equally often it involves other forms of magic. Which got me to thinking about my path and how an originally Christain hexeri, who was taught to empower her work "in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen" came to be so comfortable working with various of the old Gods (and Goddesses of course).

First off, there is the basic Hex premise -- that is rather at odds with the typical relationship of Christian to their God -- that we are co-creators with deity of that which manifests. Many Christians, or so it seems to me, feel more like pawns in the celestial chess game as they humbly petition their God for whatever blessings they might need. This conention is supported by at least one sermon that I heard preached by a Baptist minister, in which he exorted his congregation to not just sit idly by waiting for God to act, but to get involved in their own future. As he put it "God can't lead if you aren't moving!" In my universe, both the Gods and I hold the reins of the cart.

Now, there is another philosphy that says "we make our own reality," which could be construed as removing the Gods totally from the picture. I take it slightly differently, however, noting that I have the choice in my reaction to the realith that we have collectively manifested and therefore can "make of it" what I will -- a positive learning experience or a cesspool of mysery in which to wallow, if They should choose to pull harder in their direction that I pull in mine.

Which brings me to one of the least talked about, but most important, aspects of working magic in all forms... the "research" that the Witch puts into it prior to drawing the first line or chanting the first word. Believe me, you don't want to get into a "witch war" with a God or Goddess! Besides the obvious that they ARE after all Gods and the Norns COULD cut our thread at any time, that is not the best or easiest way to learn lessons. Remember when you were a little kid and had a "battle of wills" with your parents? Now imagine that on steroids! LOL So the SMART witch spends much more time sitting at the Loom and looking, analyzing and thinking than would be apparent. S/he has to start from here and now and investigate all the threads -- and potential threads -- branching out from this moment in time/space with the desired outcome in mind. There are "threads" for every one of us, all of our things, and even for situations that have not even happened yet that may go out and affect others that we would not expect to be involved in ways we -- alone -- could not have predicted. We need to look at the tapestry that has been already woven to intuit hidden agendas, thoughts and patterns of behavior, all of which may affect our potential outcome. And we need to consider all of those things just to determine if we CAN get from here to there, and then the best way to do it.

Magic -- including hex magic -- requires the adjustment of threads and that requires energy. Subtle changes here and now CAN work miracles down the road, if properly applied. But the bigger the change the more energy that is required. I liken this to the inertia that I noticed in groups, specifically my family that consisted of 5 children. When we had an extra kid or two over to play, things pretty much rolled along as usual. Our "rules" and routines applied because our 5 were the majority energy and they could easily absorb the visitors as part of the group. However when we had a larger number of visiting kids -- as often happened in our small community -- the dynamic changed as the visitors energy was greater. If they were a homogeneous bunch (another larger family that lived nearby) their rules and behaviors tended to come to the fore; if they were a random bunch, often chaos was near at hand until the local "goddess" (AKA Mom) took the reins.

Likewise, when dealing with manipulation of the universe -- in the face of much inertia -- it is often easier to make several small adjustments (spells) allowing time for each to come to fruition and for the "beginning" analysis before each new work is begun.

This is why when asked for a hex -- or other working -- our response is traditionally "I will try for you." At the point when we are asked we have not had the time yet to sit at the loom and look. We do not know if there are other issues in the family in which the wife has asked for a fertility hex -- for example, or if the person requesting the protection hex has made a lifetime habit of giving out keys and making "shady" friends. The hex, no matter how powerful... no matter how powerful the hexeri who paints it... can only do SO much in the face of contrary energy.

But most often, we WILL try for you!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blog intergration

Well, folks, your Hexmeister turned geek this afternoon and has managed to integrate this blog in with her website.

Now, hopefully I will be able to keep it more up-to-date, as well.

My design work with Vision IPD has taken much of my time of late, but starting tomorrow our outside hex signs will be once again displayed on our rack, outside the studio on weekends. This has been problematical, at best, as the winds seem to LOVE tipping over the display, and our first attempt at securing it with tent stakes was a decided failure. WIMPY stakes. However we will investigate stouter version in the next weeks. Also stouter versions of the picture hangers have been obtained and will be secured to the rack.

My main occupation of late, with the designs, however, has not been in painting, but in the application of some of the more popuar designs to household objects. These are NOT hand-drawn or hand-painted -- and therefore do not pack the magical "punch" as the designs shown on this site, but may appeal on a different level. They will be shown by TerraLune, a gallery that I am establishing online (initially) and hopefully in physical space next year, to feature art and objects which call on the Elements and the Gods/Goddesses in diverse ways, promoting healing of the Earth, environmental activism and awareness and worshipful respect for all of nature.