Friday, February 16, 2007

two new works

I'm still feeling a little frazzled and shell-shocked around the edges but am never-the-less feeling guardedly optimistic about the coming long weekend days. We have been fighting web demons on our hosting server for the past week and THIS webmistress has more than a few new gray hairs.

Tomorrow I'll be up and hit the gym at its 8 AM opening then head directly to the Museum for my photo-shoot. K is doing wash today, so bringing it IN tomorrow will be my only clothing chore... thus liberating me to do the shoot and then come home and attend to some creative stuff.

I am tentatively planning a trip to Jacksonville to visit Michaels and explore some other candle-making options. Our first 4 vigil candle-recycles were a real bust. They sooted up BADLY and only burned for a small fraction of the time their Mex import counterparts did. Am thinking smaller wick... as I found some of the wicking I used when trying this project before (with similar results, different wax) and it was large stuff similar to what we just bought. I am also thinking of getting pre-formed tea light wicks, as we have a bunch of the aluminum cups that we can recycle and I think this would be a good use for recycled wax.

I did finally get two of my new indoor hexen posted to's store...
This is a new take on the Heart Chakra hex...

And this is a new version of a change hex.

This is the first in which I have covered the entire surface of the cloth with paint, and I like the effect.

I have obtained a couple of large quilting hoops, so soon will begin work on some larger fabric designs.