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Monday, December 30, 2019

On Changing the Calendar

Here at hex central, we do not make a big deal about "change the calendar day" as I call it. Yes, we usually have poultry on the day before and pork of some form on the actual day. It can be useful to tap into energetic threads, even if you are not totally invested in them, to further your purpose. In this case, the purpose is to "scratch the recently passed time away to the past" and to "root (or push) forward" into the coming days.

As the days begin to lengthen, the impetus to begin starting seedlings will stir, I know, though that phenomenon won't be noticeable to me for a month or so. But since I choose to grow specific varieties of most of the vegetables and herbs in my garden, it will soon be time to begin placing orders. The first seeds -- onions -- will go into the potting soil around Imbolc (Groundhog Day to many of you) with others following in increasingly rapid succession. So, in many ways "the year" begins for me at the spring equinox, even though here in the northlands, it will not be time to turn the soil for another month or so.

Many who follow earth-based spiritual paths consider the year to begin with the slide into the dark season which is marked by Samhain (Halloween). In similar, vein some traditions around the world mark the beginning of a day with nightfall, though our common calendars and clocks count from the middle of the night and our workaday bodies usually mark it as beginning when we arise from our beds and stagger forth to the coffee pot to face our labors. Those who work at night, I will acknowledge, are often confused.

We need conventions or we would *all* be confused, but please feel free to step away from the hoopla of the next couple of days, if you choose. Flip your calendar, certainly. I am sure there are days coming that you will not want to miss! I know I am looking at a couple of nearly double-booked Saturdays which i would like to double and have one event each of the two days. But do feel free to go about your days as usual. Other than the designated meals, we will.

Resolving to make life changes can happen any day you choose, and probably with more effect if they are plotted out as goals, with benchmarks tied to other events and times in your life.

Reflection on the past, likewise, is best done within relevant and actual context.

And lifting a glass to toast accomplishments, to bid farewell, to hail the Gods is never out of season.