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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Out of the Comfort Zone

Custom hex sign - protection and abundance
for the family that uses a weeping willow
as a family symbol
Do you like to be outside your comfort zone? I don't and from what I have read, most folks are in the same boat. But sometimes one gets pushed overboard and -- for me at least -- at that point I flail around like a drowning person for a bit and the, finally, get with the program and swim.

That is always the case when I get an order for a custom hex sign that focuses on a more realistic depiction of something. Usually that "something" is an animal in one of the livestock or companion animal protection signs. Previously, I had done the dog, above left and the cow, to the right...both with much trepidation. But I had never been asked for a realistic tree before this most resent offering, above.

I do think it turned out ok and it has actually inspired me to try to draw, if not paint, some of the trees I have been noticing this winter.