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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Revolution doesn't need clean underwear...

Preparing for the Womens' March

The past couple of weeks have been crazy. No, I am not talking politics. Not yet, anyway. Talking weather, mostly.  After the nor'easter that I wrote about early in the month, one might have expected more snow or at least cold temperatures, but -- climate change anyone? -- we have had much more precipitation as rain and daily high temperatures well above freezing far more often than one would expect in central Maine. The snow that fell had melted, acquired layers of ice sufficient to walk on without breaking through (at least for me, Tractor Guy had a different experience), then more melting and our critter-tending paths devolved into holes and high spots that made a walking stick an essential tool. The temperature graph has been emulating a roller coaster and precipitation -- just today -- has included rain, sleet and beautiful fluffy snow.

I did think ahead, and laid in a month's supply of feed for the critters and, other than a 24 hour period with two long power outages, things have pretty much worked. But it's still crazy. RAIN in Maine should stay plainly out of winter!

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, the USA installed a new president, who took office, according to the polls at least, with the lowest ever approval rating. He said many things during the campaign which riled up lots of folks and started off his tenure doing things that have not put many folks minds at ease.

It will come to no surprise to long time readers of my blog, that I
An hour before the gathering
in Augusta.
am "a tree hugging, dirt-digging, recycle-promoting liberal-thinking hippie" from the old days. And, though I have been a regular voter, I have not -- in a very long time -- been especially politically active. That is changing.

I had thought about attending the March on Washington last Saturday, January 21, but as much as I hate to travel, dislike big cities and all, when the opportunity presented to attend a "sister event" in our capital, Augusta, I did. I am told that 10,000 people attended. It was an uplifting event and I am glad I attended. I am also glad that it was NOT as cold nor as windy a two hours as that which I spent standing up for Medicare, on a bridge in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, a week before!

I don't really like leaving the farm. My days here are more than full, very satisfying and exactly the life I have always desired. And that, exactly, is why I feel that I must squeeze one more, very important thing, into my life: standing up, speaking up, stepping up, and yes, out for things I believe in. And I believe folks -- ALL folks -- needs good health care, good, unadulterated food and the knowledge of how to fix it and a place to do so. I believe that science works and tells us stuff we need to know.  I believe that by working together, letting others join us in our country ('cause, truth be told, most of us wouldn't be here otherwise) and respecting each other are core American values. And at the base of it all, we need to -- all of us -- do what we can to take care of this planet and the earth, air, water that sustain us all.

Abundance, Prosperity and Smooth
Sailing through Life hex sign almost
ready to ship.
Now, I've always been a "long-term-variable periodic housekeeper." "The work" -- be it a hex sign order to that I am completing, or planting, tending, harvesting, putting by or sharing the food -- plants and animals -- that I grow, always seems to come first. And often some time at the spinning wheel or loom will sneak in there, too... before washing dishes or laundry, sweeping the floor or picking up the mess. And that's ok. It will get done sooner or later. Eventually it gets to me.

As I started out, the revolution, or the resistance, doesn't need clean underwear, or clean sheets... but sometimes WE do. We need to heed the call to action, when we are called, but we must do it with a strong grasp on the OTHER THINGS that are important to us...they are the reasons we were called, the things that will keep us sane, and keep us going.

So Be It.