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Monday, December 12, 2016

Not sure what it was, ate it anyway.

Yesterday I organized the refrigerator freezer. Normally I have veggies and fruit on one shelf (opposite sides) and meat, cheese, etc on the other, along with a bit of bread stuff but over time, it resorts. It was time to sort again and dig out some of the unlabeled what's its to thaw and identify.

This time I found a couple of containers of of cooked pinto beans, and two smaller containers of undetermined contents, which looked like they contained beans, but had other stuff as well. Those I let thaw, to better determine what they were.

In the end, thawing, and even tasting, did nothing to clear up the mystery. The stuff was beanish brown, like refried beans, but contained whole beans and some thing that tasted and textured like ground beef, crumbled and fried while fresh, not thawed and crumbled after being frozen. The latter method makes for larger bits in the mix. I spotted a few bits of onion and green pepper, but not nearly as much as I would have put in chili. Also, while I don't make "three alarm" chili, I DO put chili powder in, and this offered no such taste.

My first thought was leftovers from a taco/toastada meal, mixed together as starter for bean dip with chips, but the quantity (TWO containers) made that an unlikely scenario.

The contents and texture of the stuff, however, did lend a meal idea and -- after mashing the beans a bit more thoroughly, adding a bit of flour to thicken and chili powder and the last half of a large garlic clove for added flavor, it made a decent filling for the burritos and toastadas we had for supper this evening.

And I liberated two smallish glass freezer containers as well as some space in the freezer.

Tomorrow I will attack the fridge for other leftover meals. I know we have a supper-size portion of scalloped cabbage with ham (made with purple cabbage, left over from last night) and some mashed potatoes (from the night before, which will likely become potato patties with eggs for tomorrow's breakfast) but what else lurks just shy of becoming a science experiment? Only tomorrow will tell!