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Friday, May 15, 2015

Asparagus Week!

setting up "nursery beds"
crowded babies into new digs
I am calling this "asparagus week" 'cause the early spring veggie has been front and center most of the week. I started out improvising nursery beds for my seedlings from old cardboard boxes. Friends who live close to the river -- with a very high water table -- showed me many vegetables successfully planted in this sort of improvised raised bed. They are, of course, not permanent, but their boxes lasted through the season and I think I can get these through the winter if I properly support and mulch them. At least it gives me a place to give my abundant crop of saved-seed-grown plants a start. I had to buy a bale of potting mix (about $30) but at current prices, that would not buy many started roots! I have been recycling the little soil cubes to which I initially planted asparagus seed and keep finding baby "spear-grass" in all my other starts! Below, you can see some coming up in the larger blocks into which I transplanted the marjoram. These babies will go into the beds when I plant out the herb. There are some in some of my other seedling trays as well.

...and they WANT to GROW!
...and be harvested!
 And I am happy to report that the first -- and now second -- small pickings have been made from the existing asparagus patch. I have the second picking in the fridge and will look tomorrow for additional spears. I am looking forward to a second lunch of creamed asparagus on toast as a birthday meal!

I have not been planting this week; we had a nice bit of rain early on and I did spend some time digging the dandelions and runner grass out of the garlic bed that I had not mulched before winter. I am glad to see it survived (I was concerned it might not have) and hope to get mulch laid down this coming week. The bees finally have become active as well; I worked around them digging the 'lions.

I spent Thurs afternoon running around Bangor to do the major grocery resupply. Went down after having a wonderful massage and some energy work and will NOT do that again! "Massage brain" and efficient errands do not go together. I ended up frustrated and stressed, not finding everything I had on the list, going nuts having to wander stores looking for things I do not typically buy and then forgot to pick up and put away some of my groceries, so the dog dug in my bag for string cheese and somehow dragged the bag of turbanado sugar all over my work room, spreading tan sugar on a tan carpet, which K did not discover on his way to bed (lights off and shoes on...) but I did when I got up. UGH!


36" Heart Chakra hex sign, shipped this week to TN
This is the hex that I shipped this week.. a 36" Heart Chakra design. Now I am working on a 30" Mighty Oak, with others to follow.

With my birthday coming tomorrow and new moon on Monday, I am looking forward to the hearthfire this evening. Thankfully the wind has abated.