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Friday, March 6, 2015

Moving into the Full Moon

It's been a pretty uneventful week, leading up to the March full moon last night.

Few local folk are sad to see the end of February. We set a new record for the coldest month in Bangor, Maine and (thankfully for the plants) though we did not have record snowpack, we still have plenty! At one point during the week, Tractor Guy had to wade out to the turkey hut -- outside of their pen -- to convince a wayward fowl which was the right side of the pen.
They have, for some reason, been wanting to perch ON their hut, which is not a problem until they decide to hop off on the wrong side. Anyway, in the process, he had to wade through fallen and drifted snow that was over his waist! Now, TG is over 6' tall, so I am sure you can understand my love of snow shoes, being under 5' these days!  LOL

Sunday we headed out to the monthly pot luck for our local chapter of MOFGA which had been delayed a week due to weather and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my none-too-accurate scale had not lied and my "skinny jeans" (aka "town jeans" -- the more slim cut flannel lined LL Beans jeans I got as a second pair a couple of years ago -- went on easily and were comfortable to sit in for extended periods, even on the first wearing after a wash. I have even more motivation now to loose weight as it will make my knees last longer. In other knee news, I stood up from a chair (one of my least favorites to stand from, actually) without using my hands at all this week, and have continued to be able to stand more easily much of the time. I still have serious issues with swelling on the right knee, so I am working hard to ice and elevate (elevate is the hard part) more often and am beginning to move away from OTC pain pills by the clock.

I also managed, after much fussing and ripping of stitches, to "turn the heel" on my first knitted sock. Mind you, I am no longer following the pattern for the sock, but after nearly half a dozen tries, following the instructions on the pattern and then graphing the stitches and decreases, I concluded that it simply did not make sense. A friend offered up her way of turning the heel, which seemed straight forward enough, and then I went on to follow her patterns instructions for the gussets. Whether I end up with a sock, or a vaguely sock-like-object is yet to be determined. While I was waiting for clarity on the sock issue, I decided to start a hat from my first, very thick and thin attempt to spin. so, I guess this officially makes me a knitter, eh? Two different projects on needles at once!

Welcome hex sign
Inspiration hex sign
Hex painting continues... the larger signs DO take so much longer, but I am almost done with the "welcome" 4' sign as well as the one foot Inspiration one. Hopefully there will be pix of both next week.  To see more of my work, be sure to visit

While some think of March as "the season of Spring" -- and indeed the equinox will happen this month -- and the days are growing longer, here in the northlands we are still well in the grip of winter. This full moon, though, does seem to be ushering in a change. While tonight is predicted to be well below zero with wind chills even lower (let the faucets drip, bring in the LGD pup) the remainder of the 10 day forecast shows many highs above freezing and lows that get no where near that zero mark. Many are tired of the snow; for me, I am glad to see the temperatures a bit more moderate for winter. Spring will come when it will; I continue to plant (a few more onions, the leeks and celery and a tray of asparagus seed that I saved were added to the rack this week).

May the full moon, as its cycle turns, bring blessings to you all.