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Friday, December 26, 2014

Yuletide, New Moons, Cycles ending

Welcome hex sign
Protection Sign for beef cattle
We had a busy run up to the first day of the Yuletide season, with several hex signs completed and shipped. There was a 12" Welcome sign and one of two 36" signs, for Protection of Beef Cattle. The third 36" sign that I have been working on is a Mighty Oak, which will be delivered locally as soon as the buyer and I can connect. Since I only share them once they are delivered, you will have to wait to see that one! Instead I will offer this digital version of a Yule hex that I designed a few years ago, by way of seasonal blessing.

We spent a quiet Yule here at the farm. Tractor Guy cut a branch of birch, which I consider to be sacred to Frigga, from which I manufactured "solar crosses" -- or the rune Gebo -- by tying the twigs together in an X form with red ribbon, and then tied a sprig of real mistletoe to the center of the X, and a small bit of ribbon to one of the arms to use to tie it onto things.  I annually renew the protection on the property and offer these charms as talismans and gifts to the Powers That Be. Mid-day on Yule I walk to the north boundary of the land, have a chat with the northern elementals and then proceed around the border, clockwise, placing one of the talismans at each corner and on either side of the driveway. This year, that involved a walk on snow shoes, even though the snow was not deep. Being able to not fall through was much easier on the knees! As I reached the front of the land, I spent some time, as well, liberating the electric fence wire from the snow. It has not been turned on since the first snow, but I still want it there, a visible reminder to the deer.

And thus far, it seems to be working. On Yule we spotted our local herd, browsing in the yard ACROSS the street and showing no desire to head this way!

We had a quiet supper and a nice fire outside, in honor of the season and the dark moon as well. While I was contemplating the changes of the season and the moon, I felt moved to remind -- or challenge -- all of us to:
REFLECT on their relationship with Planet Earth.
RENEW our commitments to our planet, our fellow beings and our Gods to take care of what we have been blessed with.
REAFFIRM that we understand that what we do, each and every one of us, affects each and every other one of us.

Recycling IS the right thing to do. Being aware of, and taking responsibility for our purchases -- including the packaging thereof -- IS the right thing to do. So let's do it! Lets ALL do it and move forward into 2015 with intent... and lighter trash cans!
 Immediately following Yule, my focus shifted to the delightful task of trying to get my dental work completed quickly. And I am pleased to report that, as of this evening, I have completed all the scaling/cleanings, extraction of two teeth and filling of 5 cavities and am DONE! A missed appointment this morning (I do not know why I insist on writing the wrong time in my calendar !) proved to be a boon, as I was told to come back at 5, and that I could call at 4 as that client might cancel as well. Instead I went into the office at 4, and a delightful young intern completed all the necessary work. However I have been feeling a bit "off" and beat up and have been taking it somewhat easier and adding echinacea to my herb regimen for a bit.

While I am sure that the rainy weather of late has not helped (I moved to Maine for the WINTERS, remember?) and neither has skating on icy hills tending the fowl, I am doing all I can to be on top of my game come knee surgery time.

The other news hereabouts is that we finally got my wonderful little 4 harness floor loom, gift from Moose-dog's breeder and friend, assembled. I am anxious to get it warped up and am planning to construct a warping board this weekend from some of the 3/4" plywood left over from hex making and some dowels scavenged from marketing banners when I worked at the store.

Now, as we move ahead into the new year, both as the calendar turns this coming week and the light increases -- albeit imperceptibly at the moment -- toward spring, I shall spend some time focusing on preparing the house and myself for my knee replacement surgery which comes with the next dark moon.