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Saturday, November 1, 2014

...and what a week it was!

Frigga's day got away from me before I could write an update, so here goes...

Abundance and Prosperity
Poor Frigg got the short end of the stick yesterday, as I spent the entire day rewriting all of the web pages for the hex web site And, it appears, to no avail.... for the shopping cart is now more broken than ever. My server guy had thought that some malicious javascript was the culprit, so I killed off all the java but no go. I am planning, now, to just move away from PayPal and explore the store option that the Square company now has.

Earlier in the week, I shipped off a 24" Abundance and Prosperity hex sign and began working on a small Welcome sign, with a sign for Protection next on the list.

Much of the early part of the week was taken up with errands and appointments, many of a medical nature. I had to accompany Tractor Guy on his typical very early morning every-other-Tuesday this week, as he needed my input at his second med. appointment of the day and it makes no sense to drive an extra 40 miles just to avoid having to get up before dawn. I have to admit, though, that this single return to my previous workday schedule left much to be desired.

While he was at his first appointment, I hauled myself over to the DHHS office to try to straighten out the Medicaid (MaineCare) which was supposed to have gone into effect once again, retroactive to the time of my retirement. It hadn't, though the case worked had said the documentation would take some time, though the effect would be retroactive. Didn't happen... and on Tues I discovered that the office that I thought had opened at 8 actually did not begin seeing walk in folk until 9. I was thinking ahead, at least, and had my knitting and it was not that uncomfortable to sit in the car, listening to MPBN on the radio and knitting until time to queue up and become number 1 in line. I was seen rather quickly after 9, the proper adjustments were made and I was back picking up Tractor Guy in time to run some errands before his next appointment.

The next day I had my first meeting with the doc who, hopefully, will be installing my bionic knees soon. I am quite satisfied with the recommendation of physician given me by an RN friend. I especially like that Doc has a a good scattering of grey in his hair and his nurse is an RN. Unfortunately I have to have a clean bill of health from my dentist before the surgery, which may be a make or break event... all depends on how much work needs doing and if I can afford it in the next couple of months. I see dentist this coming week so I should have a better idea soon. If those numbers look good, I'll proceed to research the medical insurance numbers aspect, and if those numbers also are affordable, I will have both my knees worked on the third week of January.

That should, number once again willing, allow me to acquire the Livestock Guardian Dog puppy -- now named Moose (Moose Spirit of the Penobscot for long) that is growing and learning in OK with its doggy mom and dad and human mom and dad, my friend Michele and her hubby. We are exploring having K's daughter and son-in-law do some of the transport if they can and will, as well as options for us to tag-team drive both ways and for me to fly out and drive back Flying a pup is an outrageous expense!

Most of the rest of our energies this week have been spent on Boo, our Subaru, who is still not running nor giving up the bolt that needs to release for the starer to be removed. So, as winter threatens (and it is indeed threatening early this year...normally our first snow fall consists of a few subminiaturized snowballs that drop unexpectedly about this time of year... this year the weekend forecasts and bantering about various numbers of inches of snow accumulations!) we are preparing to batten down the hatches and see what happens.