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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Life and Not Enough Time in the Garden

Garden is beginning to take shape

Tiller is in the shop, but the cultivator
is doing it job and I have furrows
to follow and plant in!
After a long cold "spring" the weather turned warm all of a sudden, part way into May. I am far behind in planting everything and in starting the next round of seedlings indoors, but hard at it. We have planted the onions, leeks, what early brassica managed to survive the seedling stage, 200' of lettuce (the first planting), celery and parsley transplants and seeded peas, carrots, beets, chard and spinach. As warm as the soil is and being no threat of cold in the forecast, most likely I will plant the beans within a week of the peas. Crazy,
Farmers Kick Ass
especially as I have never been on the "plant everything Memorial Day weekend" bus. Tomatoes are getting leggy and the peppers are looking good; most likely they will be out sooner rather than later, but I am worried about the vine crops as I have not started them indoors yet. Also need to plant potatoes; they have been cut and are sprouting and greening up, to be put in the earth the first time the rains let up this week. I will be working more hours in town (not complaining, the bucks are needed... but the timing could be better!) but we will get it done because... as the shirt says...

Garlic bed, lookin' good!
Elsewhere on the farm, the fall planted garlic is up and looking good, and the perennials are coming into their own. Cranberry and
Asparagus season! Need more...much more...
blueberry bushes are beginning to leaf out and the asparagus has broken ground! I've had two meals of it thus far, with another sitting in the fridge waiting. The new crowns have not sent up sprouts yet, but with the rain this week, I will not be surprised to see them soon.

In the animal department, we move the turkey pen to fresh grass. The two bachelor turkeys would really like some hens, but so far we have not connected with any. The Red Rangers were moved outdoors this week, in a chicken tractor we call a tent and a growing well. Our mature hens are laying well but I am sure they will be much happier when I can find the time to get more fence panels made to give them a large area. But that has to wait until after the garden has a pause.
Red Rangers, summer chicken dinners
to be.
Turkeys have been moved to fresh grass.

48" Abundance and Prosperity
On the hex sign front, orders have seriously slowed down. I am worried that when I did the last round of edits on the store front, that I might have broken something, but have not had time to "geek out" and try to trouble shoot it. The abrupt change is what has me thinking along that line, though the increasing market share of mobile devices concerns me as well. I know that is not designed with mobile devices in mind. I did recently ship this huge (48" diameter) Abundance and Prosperity, and have a small Blessed Year, a larger Welcome and a custom sign in the queue. It is important for anyone who works with energies, such as a Pagan or a hexeri, to stay flexible and pay attention to the energies. I am pretty sure that I am being given direction to focus on the garden at present, and so I am.