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Monday, March 10, 2014

March-ing On

It's winter, still, here in the northlands. And will be for a while yet, though the earth continues to move in it's cycle toward Vernal Equinox. Equinox is not, really, the beginning of spring here, but more like a promise... a whisper... as the days grow longer, of a spring-to-come.

The fox that made an attempt on one of our silkie banty hens, only to be scared off by K's yells, has come back for two more visits. His second try came virtually on the heels of the first one: three passes in the early morning gloom shortly after the first day. Each time the turkeys gave warning and K, vigilant in his recliner with trusty flashlight at hand, rushed to the porch to confront the varmint with light and yells. On the third pass, K raised his arms up high in the classic monster pose and roar-growled, flashlight still in hand. After that, Foxy was absent for a while.

It's been back once but as yet has not scored a meal. Hopefully his last visit, two days ago, will mean that he's gone to other hunting ground for the morrow, as K has an early appointment in town and as we have only one vehicle at present, we will both be in town for the entire morning, leaving before dawn. And we won't be returning straight away after I get off work, either, as we have promised to lunch with a friend, to deliver her eggs and get money for one final fruit tree for the cooperative orchard we are starting this year.

This week we will begin building more mini seed blocks and seeding the cole crops. Now, finally, I have all my seed stores organized, sorted and easily visible.

My hanging seed storage system finally is ready. I had been keeping them in a box for years, and it was hard to keep track of what I had, what I didn't and what I was short of.

Now, sorted by category (coles are together, so are squashes, but several crops have their own pocket... lettuces for example, and beans and peas (bottom row, bigger pockets for larger packets) I should have an easier time keeping track of my stores. I made the hanging thing from a piece of cotton duck and some light weight plastic from the fabric store that I had on hand. the plastic was left over from making transparent plastic "shower caps" for my bowls of lettuce for farmers markets. The final completion of the project was delayed because I had forgotten how much the plastic grabbed the pressure foot on my sewing machine; It was necessary to use tissue paper over the plastic (sewing blind, as it were) to allow the pressure foot to glide over the surface.

Hex orders continue to come in. I recently shipped a 2' Blessed Year, am working on a Love and Happy Home in the same size and need to get plywood for a 4' sign. I am planning to take video of the complete process for the big sign. However, that will likely get put off until later in the week. We have a winter storm warning for Wednesday with up to a foot of new snow predicted (over a base of about a foot of solid snow and ice remaining) with small amounts expected tomorrow and tomorrow night. The base is so solid that in many places I can walk on virgin areas without breaking through (at 170 lbs) and even K doesn't always break through ... and he masses a LOT more than I do, even spread out over his size 13 boots!

I look forward to the remainder of the week, with only minimal time required in town and much to do here on the farm.