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Friday, June 28, 2013

STOP the Mulberry Bush, I Want to Get Off!

Oh! This has been a day... a week... a month!

June entered in with an infection setting in below a tooth that had broken months earlier, hurt a bit and then settled in to just catching odd bits of food. I took to carrying a tooth pic and avoiding nuts, no sweat. The infection, though, did bring sweat. And pain. And eventually a trip to the dentist where I was seen by a young fellow with a thick accent from India -- the only accent that makes communication difficult for me. I wonder if he had as much trouble, as he seemed a bit clueless -- I will hold off from saying "less than competent" but fortunately I was in my right mind, despite the pain and the assistant was quite good. Between us we got an order for an antibiotic and pain medication, an additional order for per-procedure antibiotic in case the extraction had to be scheduled for after the first round was completed (necessary thanks to my heart surgery in the '70s) and I was able to get an appointment for extraction the next week.

Went directly to the pharmacy, only to find they could not fill the complete prescription! Who runs our of a common antibiotic in June? At least they had enough to hold until they got more and the additional could be got on a regular in town day.

What no one told me was that the meds (at least the antibiotic) could make me more sensitive to heat and sun.  Now, mind you, June had to that point NOT been a hot month, nor particularly sunny... but it was my day off and it was not raining, so the garden was calling and out I went. Wasn't out long, working that hard but started feeling odd... came in and pretty much collapsed. Heat exhaustion, right... not even barely 85 degrees. Swollen jaw, pain... even with the "good drugs." Well, I lost a day, wimped out on the next one and called out of work for day #3, as I knew it would be a stretch to hit the deck running for the big day at work. Set the week off all wrong, as missing a Sunday ad set always does... but at least I am back on top of it now, three weeks later! 

Week later, back at the dentist office, thankfully a different dentist... a young woman doing a residency and boy, was she on top of things. Tried and tried to get it to go numb, but the pocket of infection was counteracting the local. She lanced the swollen area, drained out a bunch of glop and prescribed more antibiotics for another week. Said they COULD have drained the area on the previous visit, as it really would have helped. Also said she would only be here 3 more weeks, and as I said I DID want her to do the extraction, we scheduled in another week, to be worked in.

Third try was the charm, but followed another week of feeling a bit "off" from the meds and not being able to spend the time I needed either in the garden or painting. Doing hex painting, which is a spiritual discipline as well as an artistic one, requires a clear head to properly focus and direct the energy.

By now we were into the middle of the month, not much done in the garden and just barely getting started on mowing the back field. A rainy month will do that, and unfortunately we did not get it cut before the deer started dropping their babies. While mowing, K kept flushing a wobbly-legged fawn. That is, until the tractor up and stopped.

Mean while, I was trying to get the upper hand on the garden (hilling potatoes, planting corn and beans in soil that was really too wet and not well enough tilled, in the newer west garden) and counting my blessings that the deer had not (yet) found the peas; the fence appeared to be holding until late in the month when I found that the grass had apparently lifted parts enough to allow the deer to browse -- at least only lightly up to now) the peas.

We did finally get a cultivator for the tractor, got it going again after several rounds of "is it this," "is it that?" Issue proved to be a failed battery cable and got the grass under the deer fence cut and the fence reinstalled. Got some tractor cultivation done.

Still behind on hex signs, though I did make deadline on a quick-turnaround request for a custom sign.

Still behind on getting the rest of the deer fence up, completing the deer exclusion panels to go around the 4 baby fruit trees. Not even started on the panels to make poultry runs for the chickens and turkeys and ducks out of the load of rough cut 1x3s I bought... some of which got turned into frames for the trees' deer panels.

But I would rather fuss at the rain than heat; thus far we have had only a couple of shortish hot spells, though next week is predicted to be in the 80s all week, The tomatoes... and the weeds.. will like it.
Me? Well, I will survive! And pick peas, lettuce, kale, kohlrabi....

First shipment of produce went to the buyers club this week... better profit than the first week of any farmers markets I attended in the past and it only took a few hours off the farm. This I like!