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Thursday, March 28, 2013

What a Difference A Day (or a Week) Makes!

Garden, Vernal Equinox 2013
 We know that the first day of spring here in Maine seldom looks very spring like. In fact this year we had recently had a significant snowfall, as you can see in the picture of the garden on the first official day of spring this year.

Garden, March 26, 2013.
A week later, though the overnight temperatures have been freezing that there have been only a few days of partial sun, the daytime temperatures have been beginning to have a decided effect on the snow covered garden. Though the ground is still frozen (you can see areas of standing water amidst the remaining snow) a glimmer of "mud season" is beginning to show.
Garden, March 27, 2013
Now, one sunny day later, there is a big difference to be seen! No real mud season yet, the ground was frozen mid-morning when I went to hand wash today, but we have had rain - not snow -- so we know the real beginning of spring, Mud Season, is on its way!
Celery seedlings and a few flowers are ready for "potting up."
The growing racks are getting crowded, and will be much more so before the first seedlings can start going outside. I really need to get the little greenhouse, which we bought as unassembled parts last year, up and running! And figure how to keep the chickens off the porch, where I will "harden off" the seedlings as soon as practical.

Brassicas, including two varieties of kale, and three varieties of lettuce seedlings under the lights.
I had better get busy making 2" soil blocks. Many of these seedlings need to be potted up to have more space for proper early growth.
"Savory Peeps" a friend dubbed these deviled eggs, made for a full moon potluck yesterday The hens and ducks know its spring and are giving us up to 6 eggs a day (not bad for 4 chicken hens and an equal number of she ducks.)
All work and no play is not good for anyone! In between painting hex signs ( just sent a small one off to a writer as a trade for an e-book for my Kindle and have another waiting for the primer to dry so I can draw the design) and plotting garden plans, I took time to let my inner Martha Stewart out to play and made these little deviled "chicks."
Moonset, the morning before she was full.
We did not get to see the full moon this cycle, but made do with this wonderful view of the setting moon on Tuesday morning about 4 Eastern Standard time, as I was leaving for work.