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Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'll Take It!

THIS is what my soul says winter is supposed to be like. Snow, gently falling for days on end, wet enough to cling to trees and bushes but not so heavy as to break the limbs before the tree can shed the load, throwing snowballs on passers-by. Temperatures cold, but not so frigid as to make one expect to have to thaw the fire out before starting it in the morning. Wind, mild to none so the snow stays put where it wanted to land, giving a soft blanket to the earth.

So what if it comes in March. March, this part and the majority of the month at least, still lies within the natural bounds of winter. It will be nearly three weeks yet until the equinox tips the scale of the seasons toward the warm, and light, part of the year. This winter has been strange, with wild fluctuation of bitter cold and unseasonable warmth, heavy blowing snows that left large bare patches on the fields and rain... yes rain, in winter, in Maine. Mother seems to be having symptoms of menopause. And until this recent bit of weather, I have felt unsatisfied and "off." Even the blizzard/nor'easter didn't really help much. But this... these days of overcast with snow falling then pausing briefly before retuning once again... well, I can say now that when the season turns, the mud comes to stay, and the sap rises (perhaps this stirring of change has already begun?)and the buds swell, I will welcome spring from a happy place.

Meanwhile, here on the farm, the first seedlings are germinating and the early spring lettuce, which will grow to eating size under the lights, is beginning to show its proper form.

I'll be starting the cabbages and their kin soon, and the first lettuces for transplanting outside once the soil has dried a bit and warmed above freezing.

In the hex world, there is a Natural Balance 3' sign ready to ship and I shall soon begin work on a Nordic Blessed Year, offered in trade to an author who shared the Kindle version of his book with me. I have several custom signs in the works and hope to complete a rework of the web site this month, Gods willing.