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Monday, February 11, 2013

Turning Moon Blizzard

We had a bona fide blizzard yesterday, with the dark moon. This moon, or the constant wind and cold in the drafty farm house, left me less than motivated to do anything. But the energies still pull in the directions of the time and though I did not do any formal working, I spent much time in the morning talking over with my partner some things that I need to let go of, some of the directions that this year is taking and where I hope they may wander.

I have come to the conclusion that it is my time to withdraw a bit more from the mundane, workaday ratrace. In one sense it makes me feel old to say that I don't want to expend the energy necessary to keep up -- to more than keep up, actually, but to surf the crest of the changing times. I remember my mom complaining that things... society... was changing way too fast, much faster than in her youth and middle adulthood. And I don't think anyone could easily argue when I say that it is not only changing faster now, but the RATE of change is increasing.

I have been working in a field where it is largely necessary to be at the crest of that wave and to surf it with confidence. Rather than allow a major wipe out, I'm going let my board drift off the crest, get down and paddle a bit elsewhere. Not getting out of the field, or the metaphorical ocean, but I much more enjoy working on small projects here in the relative backwater of Maine, and not having the stress of major big projects with big headaches. I'll get one last copy of the softwares I use, the latest and greatest at the moment, which I am sure is slated to be replaced with another big buck "new and improved" version by the end of the year. But I won't be staying current and I can see a time when I will likely choose to have only myself and my art as a client.

And the blizzard continued to wail with the winds, at times, shaking the house.
Mostly spent the day painting and spinning. I am almost done with the new hex design, the blessed year with the heathen chant blessing around the border and have an order for a 3' sign, which I cut and painted.

As the moon turned, my energies once again prompted me to work towards moving forward towards the re-doing of the
floor... and other things... in the back room. It had been too cold there during the blizzard. I have no idea why someone would put a hollow steel door on an entrance to a place in this climate, but this is what greeted me at the back door when I went to tend the bunnies to thaw their water and to let the pups out yesterday! Yes. that is snow that had blown in through a gap between door and jamb and yes, indeed, that is frost and ice on the door itself. It WILL be replaced!

Another section of the room, though, was cleared of stuff, which got stashed in the closet and bedroom for the time being and when I cleaned the bunny cages, I was able to move them around to the north wall, leaving a bit more of the west end of the room clear. A wee bit more work, and I will be able to begin removing carpet, putting down insulation and an additional piece of plywood and commercial tile flooring.

I started at shovel out the drive, as the tractor gave up the ghost in an attempt to start it just before the blizzard began. Thankfully Tractor Guy says it is only the solenoid, which has been ordered, and not a permanent demise. However, the snow at the near end of the drive was a good 2 feet deep, though it was closer to only a foot near the road. Miracle of miracles, a plow guy actually stopped and asked for the job before I had gotten too far and for the $25 he charged, I gave it to him. In all the times I have shoveled, this is the first time anyone has stopped to ask, though I have even tried to flag them down.

 Now, we are back to our regular winter routine. Chores, yesterday, included digging the hens out from under the porch where they took refuge. Little Buff, our banty Silkie, came in for a bit as there was ice and snow frozen to her underside and tail. She sat in the sunshine on the linoleum and after a bit began to preen as she thawed. The larger
birds were fine.