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Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow Moon, Full Moon

This moon is well named, at least here. We seem to have a good portion of our snow during February, while often waiting and hoping for a white Yule. I love the late winter and early spring snows, those that get names, such as "sugar snow" (not to be confused with the recently proposed convention of naming major winter storms in the same manner of summer tropical storms) and those that do not. This year, February has brought us a short period of extreme cold, but mostly several good and major snows, including one serious nor'easter. Most often, though, the temperatures are more moderate, for winter, and the snows accumulate a few inches (usually not enough to require plowing for the Subaru)and do a serious melt that clears the roads, drives and walk ways with a day or so of sun, before the next round. I know most of my friends are anxiously calling for spring... and those who live in moderate climates are taking joy in beginning to till and plant. But I have not, yet, had enough winter. I did move to Maine "for the climate," remember? I was not feeling very "up" this morning, not much in tune with the moon but wanting and needing to re-sync with the cycle. The calendar had shown a full moon drumming and pot luck, one that I attended a few months ago, but earlier in the weekend I had canceled that plan. This weekend had two previous "away missions:" an all day spin-in and an evening pot luck supper with friends and while both were enjoyable I felt that I had enough of "away" and wanted to be here after work. An easy at work is always a good thing, and today I was thankful for one, so as not to add that stress to whatever was ailing me. Finding checks from several clients in the mail is also a good thing, and easing the cash flow issues seemed to ease my mind more as well. The end of the month is mortgage payment time, and while there is never a good time for cash flow issues, at month end they seem to magnify themselves. We ran a few needed errands -- getting more fuel for the kerosene heater, feed for fowl and bunnies -- and were home by mid-day. As I sat down at the computer to check emails and such, it occurred to me that I might want to try to set aside full and new moon days in a way; to refrain from unnecessary technical work and to focus on creative and natural endeavors such as hex design and painting, garden, fowl, bunnies, spinning and so on... and so I shall commit to try that for a time. So now I shall be off to paint, groom bunnies, and spin, perhaps. These things can occupy my hands while my mind runs around the edges of Full moon/Snow moon times of transition and thankfulness for what has grown and continues to grow and increase and blossom. Perhaps I'll see if a bit of forsythia is ready to come inside to bloom, perhaps I'll bake a cobbler and surely I will thank the Gods for clients who pay on time and folks who order hex signs.