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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hexeri International

The most recent hex designs include two custom signs currently on their way to Australia and one that I have painted for myself, but which will shortly be available to order. 
The sign, above, is called Blessed Year and it includes an old Norse chant inscribed around the border. "Fé, Vit, Friðr, Grið, Heill," means Wealth, Wisdom, Harmony, Security and Health. The words have been given extra emphasis with the use of microscopic glass beads on the paint for reflectivity. I painted this prototype on an 18" disk that was cut from a left over plywood that had been used for other signs. Waste not, want not; all of my wood is reused somehow, either for odd size prototypes such as this, or for imaginative critters like the Hungry Kitty . Eventually, the odd bits that cannot be used elsewhere will be fodder for the wood stove.

This sign for protection with the sign for love and happy home in the center, will soon hang on one of two doors of an Australian home.

Its companion, below, centers the design typically seen on a welcome sign within the "protection from the evil eye" sign.

These are both 12" diameter exterior signs. I really enjoy the change of pace between painting large works, the 3' and 4' signs that dwarf my painting table, and these smaller ones. Gives the brushes a chance to rest from time to time, as well!  LOL

Currently I have a Natural Balance sign on the painting table and work on it is being juggled with the beginning of the garden season. Yes, you heard me right... 2' of snow on the ground and I am planting! Inside, of course... leeks and onion seeds in flats today; celery in soil blocks tomorrow. I need to replace several shop light fixtures for the growing rack but for now there is enough light for the beginning starts.