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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Busy "Weekend"

Normally, after my week of commutes to town for my part time job, I am anxious to stay home and catch up on farm and home projects. This "weekend" (in quotes because I am considering three days, including Monday and not counting my first day off, tomorrow) I have not one, not 2 but THREE events that will take me off the farm and I am actually looking forward to them!

Louet S17 spinning wheel kit, assembled and
painted, by moi, with a hex in honor of Frigga
Saturday is a "spin-in" at at school in a nearby community. This was rescheduled from earlier in the month, due to a serious blizzard/nor'easter that dumped a good foot of snow on the area, with winds that produced 2' drifts in our driveway and deeper ones elsewhere on the farm. Good reason for a "snow date" I'd say, and that comes up tomorrow. I will be taking my spinning wheel, left, and raw wool ("in the grease" that is, unwashed with the lanolin still on it. I love the feel when I work it!), my cards and likely a bit of pluckings from one or more of my "fluff bunnies" as I have yet to figure out how to spin their offerings.
Honey Bunny

Sunday I have an unusual short day at work, which will make it  much more fun to prepare for and attend a potluck gathering in another nearby community with homesteader friends. We had been talking about Sweet and Sour Pork as they have pigs and I make a great sweet and sour, so I'll pick up ingredients for my sauce Saturday after the spin-in and have time to put it together after work.

Monday night I will be attending another pot luck (I'll likely make apple-celery salad for this one, though the mayo may still be less than acceptable; many of the participants, I suspect, are vegan.) along with a full moon drumming and then a seed swap. This event is held at a communal residence associated with the U of ME in Orono, said community being devoted to the study of permaculture. They are a bunch of academics and eager young folk, as one would expect in such a setting, and all seem very interesting from my brief encounter at a previous event.

I'll honor the moon here, as well, in my way.