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Friday, February 8, 2013

Bring it On!

We are ready for the storm; always have a pantry full of food, my collection of kerosene lamps (started in those long ago off grid days) is full with clean chimneys and trimmed wicks and I'll top off the water storage when I do the breakfast dishes. The worst part of potential power outages is the lack of juice to the well pump. Need to get that replaced with solar panels and a 12v pump!

Personally, I doubt if this nor'easter will be as big an issue here in the Bangor area as the "weather worriers" fear... not to say that it may not dump a significant snow along the path and seriously mommick some city folk in some places on its route, mind you. But it is my considered opinion that in their well intentioned warnings, the broadcasters over-hype any potential storm.

K has an appointment to get a tire on Boo, the Subaru, repaired at the mechanic shop just down the road early this morning but other than that, all our errands are done. Due bills have been paid online, our regularly scheduled kero can fill was done last night, as well as other errands that I might have put off until today... but easily might not have as well, as I prefer to stay on the farm on days not at the store.

I have a hex order to begin work on, a mattress for the heirloom cradle that is going west for a grandbaby to work on, and tons of other things... many not requiring electricity... on the list for this weekend.

I was notified that the "spin in" scheduled for Saturday has been rescheduled for 2 weeks down the road, therefore I need not fret over not making it out to that event.

If we loose power, I'll catch you all on the flip side!