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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Witch Is Back

Wonderful Frigga's Day just past! I think starting my thinking along Frigga lines on Thorsday, when I clean the stove with her in mind, and light Her candle as darkness comes has proven its worth. With the day just past dedicated to Her, a seemingly monumental amount has been accomplished, with no fatigue or knee pain involved.

My first task was to gather and sort trash for our monthly, or thereabouts, trash run to the dump. We practice serious trash minimization protocols, with the awareness of the waste generated as much in our minds as the products we purchase, and focus, whenever possible, upon making the necessary waste something that can go into the recycle stream. However, my partner has not yet got the complete understanding of what specific items cannot be sent to the "zero-sort" recycling facility. This amounts to thermal paper receipts, plastic bags and things that are really, really trash -- like spent q-tips. Most candy wrappers, now, are made of stuff that cannot recycle, as well as many of the other "resealable" bagged products. So I sort. Ended up, as usual, with more to recycle than to trash but the trash needed taking as I had offal from a small pig we made use of to dispose of. In the process of doing that, I gathered all the receipts that were not needed but had accumulated on my desk, filed the beginning accumulation for this year in the accordion file I acquired, stacked the final accumulation from last year in a pile to go through and file when I do my taxes, if not sooner, thus clearing the desk.

In the process of gathering up trash from various parts of the house, I came across the plastic "insider" storm window stuff that had been brought in from the garage and applied it to one of the most troublesome windows, a full length set of two in the dining area. Feels much warmer in the kitchen now! Also on the list for today was changing the bed linens, plucking one of the angora bunnies, plying my first two spindles of wool yarn and painting on two of the hex signs in process. And supper.. can't forget to eat!

At some point in the afternoon, as I was working away with the efficiency of old and feeling no pain, it came to me that it was time to complete one of the mini projects that had been hanging fire since early fall. That was when we removed the window in which my "The Witch is IN" sign had sat, when I remembered to put it there (which had not been terribly often this past year. Lack of energy from the anemia and shingles that afflicted me kinda put the damper on lots to less essential stuff, in favor of focus on the likes of keeping fed and clothed well enough to go to work.)

The window was replaced by a sliding glass door, sitting next to the original full length glass panel door which is falling apart. Plans, not yet realized, are to replace that panel with its intact twin, currently swinging on the side of a half completed shed attachment to the garage (came with the place) and mount it as a fixed window instead of a door. Three panels of light to illuminate the se
edling grow rack and light/warm the living room! But this left no place for the witch sign to sit. I had planned to hang it in the non-opening panel, in such a position as to not interfere with either the slider opening or the curtain rod operations. Curtains have also not been installed yet, but at least I have the extra-wide traverse rod, pleating tape and pins and plans!

Anyway, the realization came to me, yesterday, while working with Frigga, that the time was NOW. The witch is back and the sign needs to return to its place. And so it has, today.

Thank you Frigga!

Also, sitting before my Frigga candle last eve I plied the first two spindles of  wool that I have spun on my recently assembled spinning wheel.And, wow! It looks like yarn!  Not terribly consistent yarn, mind you but yarn indeed and when I have made enough I am going to crochet a hat from it, using a pattern that I found online today. This wool has been worked "in the grease," that is to say it has not been washed and still holds the lanolin from the sheep. I love the feel of it in and on my hands as I card and spin.

I'll make a bit more wool yarn they likely try playing with the angora from our bunnies.

It is so neat to see things coming together again, to feel that "in the flow" feeling and , Eir and Frigga willing, it will continue thus through the year.