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Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Getting to That Time

Yes, indeed, it's getting there. The moon is all but full (two days hence) and then in less than a week a new month and all the while the tide is coming. The tide of change, again, of Spring Finding, or Imbolc as most call it. Before the land has begun to wake, here in the Northlands, and even before the days have lengthened perceptibly, you can feel it coming, if you reach out in the right way, if you are quiet enough and still enough and unplugged enough.

The tide always calls me with the remembering, or more exactly, the mis-remembering of a poem by Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet:
If of thy worldly goods
thou art bereft. . .
and to thee alone
two loaves are left,
sell one,
and with the dole
to feed thy
Now, the original verse mentioned hyacinths, of course, but somehow, for me, it's always the bright sunny daffys that do the most to feed my soul, especially as the tide turns to Spring Finding with, yet, weeks remaining until it actually arrives.

It used to frustrate me when I lived in coastal North Carolina, that this wonderful little perennial, which grew so well there as a landscape plant, flowered in December and January!  "No!" I used to tell them, knowing full well it was vanity on my part. "You are too early! We need you in February!" I would find a bouquet or a planter in a store at the "right" time of year, though, usually. Until I moved to Maine. Here, it seems, the stores carry the bright sunshine-in-a-pot in January and not commonly again until March. Haven't figured that out yet. Nor have I put the effort into trying to "force" my own bulbs, for which I suffer a yearly bit of mild guilt.

I am keeping my eyes peeled and fingers crossed as this month ends, for daffys in a pot to adorn my altar starting next week. I have encouraged the turn of the seasons by seeding a planter that sits in the (sometimes) sunny front window, with lettuces for an early spring salad and I have set into electrons a planting plan for my garden, based on the seeds I had on hand and have ordered. It is not complete, as I will be adding additional varieties, likely eliminating some of the successive plantings and eventually indicating projected harvest dates, but if you are curious, you can download the excel file here. This two week period has been a "building toward" time. As the moon turns to wane, my moving forward will be focused more on clearing space, cleaning up and organizing. The planting rack will be brought back into the house, the supplemental lighting fixtures cleaned and bulbs checked and replaced as needed, to ready it for the first seedings (onions and leeks) in February.

On the hex sign front, I will shortly complete the prototype Blessed Year sign incorporating the Teutonic affirmation/mantra "Fé, Vit, Friðr, Grið, Heill."  These words mean "Wealth, Wisdom, Harmony, Security and Health." Said in this order it will perform a galdr (magikal operation) of prosperity and health for the person chanting them and thus, in my world, a fitting addition to the sign.

To the left is the digital comp. I'll post a photo of the actual sign once it is completed.

As we look forward to the coming full moon and the tide of Spring Finding, we are thankful that our northern home continues to keep us warm and dry though we are currently dealing with frozen HOT water pipes! We have been heating water on the range for the chickens and ducks, or dish washing and so on. Makes me really miss the old wood stove, upon which the canning kettle filled with heating water was pretty much a permanent fixture come winter time.