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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello, 2013!

My habit for many years, for the time of calendar changing, has been to set foot into the new calendar with intent and start it in the way I would like it to proceed.

...Thus no late night drunken orgies here, often a night of cleaning, but of late a good night's sleep and a productive first day is on order. Working in town changes the flow.

This calendar started with a "good drying day" with sun and wind, despite sub-freezing temperatures. I had to shovel my way out to the clothes line and would have been better served to don snow shoes after freeing the dog yard gate, but I did not. My calendar opening washing -- two loads -- did indeed dry, though it took a couple of  hours after coming in, draped over the drying rack, for the cold to come off and for me to tell that the thicker fabrics and elastic waistbands were indeed dry. Prosaic? yes... but I see a good omen for domestic productivity here.

I have also been busy with hex building, design work and should be ready to assemble my new spinning wheel tomorrow... to dedicate it on Frigga's day this week!

I am thankful for having a home that is mostly warm and dry (though in these days with sub-zero wind chills, the warm can be slow in coming) and full of love, human and critter.