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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gathering Energies

I am seriously feeling the energies gathering over the past week or so. It seems, in my mind at least, that the Gods must be pleased with something..perhaps my finally having completed the finish and assembly of my spinning wheel. I had my partner shoot a quick video of my first bit of spinning.. He's tall and looking down, so I will get other shots later. But for now, here!

Not sure if that will work... is something new for me, but I am thinking about doing a series of "Grandma on the Farm" videos to share with the grand kids and so I need the practice! I am also working on answering questions in email for an online interview regarding my hex work, and working on a guest post for a new friend's blog... subject being in the realm of art. Lots of writing and not much time, especially this week, as my part time job has hit me with three full 8 hour days. The first one is in the bag. But with all that is happening I feel energized and upbeat. At least for now. Ask me again on Thursday evening, I may have a different opinion.